Titans Camp Aug 10th

Titans linemen cuts and frustrations
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Titans Camp Aug 10th

The most significant news was that Tennessee Titans coach Mike Mularkey said that there would be a time-share in the Titans backfield…and then he didn’t.

It was surely an enormous tease for Derrick Henry fans.

Mularkey said, “There’s not gonna be a pitch count as to who gets the ball more. (DeMarco Murray or Henry) We’re not gonna force feed it to one guy or another”


“I would think if he(Derrick) had the same amount of carries(as last year) his production would be significantly even better.”

That pause in his speech, that “but” was such a tease.

My thoughts are simply what everyone else has been thinking: Henry has been so impressive, could they really sit him?  Months ago, I said: Murray was the third leading rusher in the NFL last season. It would take an extremely impressive performance for someone to unseat him.


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Months ago, I said: Murray was the third leading rusher in the NFL last season. It would take an extremely impressive performance for someone to unseat him. This is exactly where we are, right now. It wasn’t expected. Henry was ‘supposed to’ slowly take the role from Murray and then maybe in year three, Henry would be the lead back. Henry has been outstanding in camp and it’s a very curious situation now.

The New York Jets have an excellent defensive line and they pose a challenge for Henry and the Titans offensive line. I don’t imagine Mularkey is in any hurry to make a decision. In the least, he will wait to see how Henry performs in a game.

Avery Williamson

Coach Mularkey praised Williamson for his improvement this offseason. He mentioned how it was obvious that Williamson had been working out extra all offseason to improve his game.

It looks like my prediction is coming true

Since last season, I have been singing the praises of Antwaun Woods. He ran with the second team defense last offseason and I thought he was better than Al Woods. When he was inactive for much of the season, it was a letdown. The Titans allowed the second most rushing yards up the middle last season. They had the “plug” for this “leak” on the practice squad and I kept waiting for them to put him in. During the week 17 game, he was activated and played many snaps. He played very well. I had written how putting him in for many snaps curiously showed some confidence in him; confidence for a player they demoted to the practice squad. The season ended, the Titans did not re-sign Al Woods, and Antwuan was in prime position to be the starting nose tackle. The Titans signed Sylvester Williams from Denver to a big free agent contract, but he hadn’t played well in 2016. I was still praising Antwaun and calling for him to be the starter. Coach Mularkey and Dick Lebeau have singled him out a number of times for performing well in practice this spring.

Today, Woods appeared to get the starter’s job at nose tackle. He had far more snaps than Sylvester Williams and did very well with those snaps.

During the presser, when Mularkey was asked about Antwaun’s increased role, he replied, “yeah, he’s on a mission.”

Also, on this day where Woods shined brightest, GM Jon Robinson was working alongside the defensive linemen holding tennis racquets up in the air to disrupt Marcus Mariota’s vision. If anyone is going to support starting the former undrafted free agent over the expensive free agent, it just might be the guy that was standing next to them today. “JRob” saw things up close.

Mularkey did say that they would make personnel decisions at a meeting tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.. The staff will decide how much each player will play and with which group. No player has been given a definitive spot yet. There have only been huge hints and teases. No player that starts week one of preseason is guaranteed to start week one of the regular season. Again, let’s not jump to conclusions, but simply consider things “moving that direction.”

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