Incomplete: Making Sense of Raiders CB Conley’s Injury Concerns

Raiders CB Gareon Conley
May 5, 2017; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley (2) during rookie minicamp at the Raiders practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Raiders rookie corner Gareon Conley made news by tweeting that he did not suffer shin splint. As a result, social media and RaiderNation inundated the rookie with questions and various comments. Although Conley did not take the bait, he deleted the tweets shortly after posting. Without context, those tweets look like another rookie spouting off and regretting his words. With context, those tweets paint a deeper story.


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After four months of his freedom, professional career and reputation hanging the balance, Conley seeks honesty. While many would let the razor-thin “shin split” issue fade away, Conley acted. Why? Due to people spending months speculating on his innocence and motivation, truth won out. Imagine having your life nearly demolished without committing a crime. Now, add in millions of lost money. Thirdly, watch your reputation get torn to shreds and whispers get loud. Conley responded with what he perceived as truth. In a world hell-bent of ruining lives, honesty remains the ultimate antiseptic.



From media to fans, Conley’s candor received the eyebrow raising treatment. Without delay, the season needs to start. Writers and fans despise the long off-season. In other words, topics to discuss begin to dry up. Also, fans get antsy when first round draft picks do not practice in nearly two months. Overreaction Monday transforms into Overreaction Friday.

On the other hand, people continue to sprain knee with the severe jumping to conclusions. Furthermore, labeling Conley a bust seems like a reach and premature. However, if you give fans reason to find fault, they win.


Team Conflict

Granted Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie spoke about Conley’s issues before the tweeting. Then, Conley responded. As an illustration, click on this from a fan. Enjoy the brilliance about to crack your screen. By early accounts Conley remains hard-working and humble. Another point to realize is that Reggie McKenzie drafted him. So, why should RaiderNation feel worried?

Agreed, contradicting Reggie McKenzie does not look great for a rookie to do. At the same time, a tweet will not unravel Conley’s career. For those comparing him to D.J. Hayden, please sit down. Those comparisons don’t fit anyone, at all. In reality, no team conflict exists.


In essence, Reggie McKenzie is doing what he normally does with the flow of information. McKenzie plays everything close to the vest, never revealing info to anyone. For this reason, any speculation regarding Conley and the Raiders doesn’t solve this situation. In time, everyone should know the full story.

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