Roundtable: Reaction to Bears preseason Game 1

Aug 10, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) throws a pass during the second half against the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Aug 10, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) throws a pass during the second half against the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Schroeder: 

Game Balls:

Offense: Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky didn’t go up against first-stringers, but still, he looked awfully good. The game never seemed too big for him, he showed excellent pocket presence, and made some great throws. He did have a rookie moment on third-and-goal from the two, where he took a delay of game penalty, but was the worst of it.

Defense: Jonathan Bullard

I was high on Bullard coming out of Florida, then he had a rather meh year. This off-season, he added some weight, and it appears to have paid off. Preseason caveats apply, but Thursday night, he looked like an entirely different player than he was a year ago.

Rico Gutierrez:

I’ve never felt this good the morning after a Bears loss. Tarik Cohen did a great job and showed that he can be a force to reckon with in this league. His speed alone helped him gain a couple first downs. Adam Shaheen had great hands as usual and would have been part of Trubisky’s first touchdown had he not lost his balance on his red zone catch. Trubisky definitely was the star of the game. He showed off his accuracy from the pocket and on the run, his mobility, decisiveness, and athleticism. Even though he was playing against the second and third string players, he also had the third string offensive line, running backs, and wide receivers. Trubisky was the only quarterback of the three to consistently move the ball down field while picking up multiple first downs, which is something the Bears have failed to do in recent years. The offense flowed so much better through him. Imagine if he had the likes of Jordan Howard, the starting offensive line, and access to all of the receivers. I am hoping Glennon does well but I don’t see him starting more than half the season. The defense also played very well. Leonard Floyd started off the game with a vicious sack on Trevor Siemian. Jonathan Bullard also showed some tenacity with a nice tackle for loss. I saw lots of good tackling from multiple players on the Bears defense, and the secondary played some nice sticky defense. The whole team is still a work of progress, but they definitely showed improvement from last year and I am excited to see how the team progresses through the offseason.

Chris Johnson:

Now that was an exciting game! Despite the loss there was plenty to be happy about, and plenty to worry about as well. First off Mike Glennon looked atrocious, no way around it. That pick six was reminiscent of the worst version of Jay Cutler and it didn’t get better after that. He couldn’t complete a pass to save his life and Sanchez, while he didn’t throw an interception still was mediocre at best. However, for all the early offensive woes the defence stepped up BIG. First defensive play Leonard Floyd ate the right tackle alive for a sack on Trevor Siemian and it was a preview of a season of promise for him. Eddie Jackson showed a range unheard of in the Bears secondary for many years and Jonathan Bullard was a monster upfront with his increased size and lightning first step. Rookie Running Back Tarik Cohen lived up to the hype and averaged a 5.6 YPC even with the rest of the early offense anemic and although Adam Shaheen and Tanner Gentry only got one completion each they both showed promise. Last but not least Mitch Trubisky. Sure i’ll beat the dead horse, he was simply outstanding. After 2 days of hearing how great Deshaun Watson was it was a beautiful sight to see Trubisky come in with accuracy, patience, poise, and style. Not only did he run a perfect 2 minute drill to finish the first half, he went on to almost win the game for the Bears. Minus the Glennon fiasco and 2 late lapse by the backup’s backups on defense this was a fantastic start to an important season for the Bears.

Justin Boyd:

Last night was one of the biggest moments in the last few years that Bears fan left the stadium smiling after a loss. Why? The rookie class.

Eddie Jackson had himself a night, instincts and tackling looked great and didn’t take much time to tell he is a step ahead of Amos, I see him starting by week 3. Although the number didn’t show for him, he definitely turned heads.

Tarik Cohen….wow. They don’t call him the human joystick for nothing. Racking up and small yet entertaining 39 yards, his performance was much more impressive than the yardage shows. For quite some time bears have lacked in the speed department. At running back and receiver, but man oh man does Cohen change that. His run after contact was what stood out to me. He’ll compliment Howard nicely.

Adam Shaheen had a quiet night, only catching one pass for 3 yards, but the physical trait is there. Give him more and more reps at TE and this young man will show up.

Last but not least, you already know. The future of our franchise, the one and only Mitchell Trubisky.

I can’t recall the last time and left a preseason loss happy as can be. The young man went 18-25, 166 yard and a touchdown. Which is extremely impressive for the first time to ever step on the field. Yeah yeah people can say “it was against the 3rd stringers” but it was equally important how he looked before the ball even left his hands. Poise, comfortability, pocket presence and awareness all looked polished, not to mention the velocity and accuracy behind his passes looked phenomenal.

Overall, I was extremely happy with what I saw overall, it’s about to be one wild season Chicago fans. Are you ready?

Tyler Kading:

Mitchell Trubisky was better than even I could have imagined last night. I was highly critical of Trubisky during the draft process, and he did a lot yesterday to start to prove me wrong. However, that being said, there are aspects of the game I would still like to see more of from him next week. The Bears didn’t throw the ball deep nearly enough, and Trubisky’s deep accuracy is the main thing his college tape left to be desired. That being said, he was a lot more poised than I expected, and he looked like a veteran.

The other name I was really pleased with is Eddie Jackson. He looked like the ball-hawking safety we all thought was the best case scenario for him. Sure, injuries have to be a concern, but given how he played yesterday, I don’t know how the coaching staff can justify starting Adrian Amos over him.

All-in-all, I think all the facets of the team that needed to look good did. I’m not stressing out about the poor offensive line play, as Kyle Long’s absence was obviously going to hurt. Tom Compton didn’t play well at all, but I don’t expect him to start come the regular season.


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