Quick Recap: Arizona Cardinals – Chicago Bears

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals
Aug 19, 2017; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Jeremy Ross (15) catches a touchdown pass against the Chicago Bears during the second half at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Bears won 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals – Chicago Bears Overview

Bruce Arians could not have been pleased with the Cardinals’ performance on Saturday night. Looking back at the film on this game, there are a lot of problems with this team. Offensive line is an issue, the wide receivers, and the linebacker depth.


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The Defense

When previewing this game, it looked like the Cardinals could be in some trouble when the Bears’ running backs made it to the second level. That is exactly what happened on Saturday night. The Cardinals defense was shredded on the ground for 102 yards. Tarik Cohen for the Bears was running up and down the field the entire night. But the problem was when he made it to the second level. The Cardinals’ linebackers were just not able to stop him. They need to get healthy at this position fast. “I hope to hell they get healthy,” Arians said. “I’ll be concerned if we’re playing with that group we had out there”.

The secondary though played well as expected. Against a lesser opponent in terms of pass-catchers the Cardinals kept the Bears’ wide receivers in check all night. The Honey Badger was even able to get an interception. This team’s secondary is once again going to be one of their main strengths when the regular season comes around.

The Offense

The offensive line has to be worrying Bruce Arians. With Carson Palmer at the helm, they have to prevent him from taking unnecessary hits. It just seemed like whether it was Palmer, Drew Stanton, or Blaine Gabbert dropping back there was always a Bears’ defender in the backfield with them. Gabbert looked great going against the back-ups, but his performance so far have the coaches noticing him for sure. And that may not just be limited to Cardinals’ coaches.

The wide receivers behind Larry Fitzgerald continue to disappoint. There is no John Brown, and it just seems like nobody is really stepping up after that number two wide receiver role. Jaron Brown is slotted in there as of now, but with Arians’ frustration widely known with his receivers, there could be another big shakeup in the wide receiver depth chart. The one shining moment for the wide receiver group was Jeremy Ross’ touchdown at the end of the game. However, it was bittersweet as on the two-point conversion play Ross was unable to connect with Gabbert.

Special Teams

Arians’ blood pressure must have been going through the roof when he saw the failed field goal attempt returned for a touchdown. Obviously this is a very rare occurrence, but still that should never happen if the kicking team executives properly.

Atlanta Bound

Look for the Cardinals to bounce back next Saturday night when they take on the Falcons in Atlanta. This game should see the starters in for a solid amount of time.

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