The Third Redskins Game is the Charm

Washington Redskins vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Well fellow Redskins fans, we’re on our third preseason game. This is the second home game of our four-game preseason. The 2017 regular season is only a blink away. All of the knocks against our Redskins have been printed, spoken and reviewed everywhere. The tone of conversations about the team will be determined by the Redskins performance on the field. If you want good talk, play well; it’s just that simple. I can’t speak for anyone of you, but I have confidence in the maturity that this team has displayed, even if it’s small steps. The team is taking steps in the right direction nonetheless. We can all appreciate that!

I’ve titled this third game against the Cincinnati Bengals, “The Werewolves in London.” I’m sure my diehards understand. This particular game has an extra caveat that our previous two preseason games didn’t have. Last season playing in London, this Bengals team took something away from the Redskins. Our kicker Dustin Hopkins was in a slump, our coaches had lapses in judgment and some players simply failed to perform. Even though there’s a new cast of Redskins players involved in this upcoming game, I still think we’ve got to take our “mojo” back and exact some revenge on the Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off of a disappointing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Many Cincinnati writers are naming this loss one of the worst showings in a while, especially since this game was played at home in Cincinnati. The final score of the contest was 30 to17. The Chiefs defense played aggressive and had a very strong showing, only allowing 3.4 yards per carry on 21 attempts by the Bengals for the total game and passing the ball a total of 34 times throughout the game. The Bengals offense was completely off their game as a unit. That’s something to which we Redskins fans can relate. There were overthrown and underthrown passes along with one bad decision after another. The Bengals defense didn’t play any better, allowing 228 rushing yards and 6.9 yards per carry by the Chiefs – who many of the experts have titled a passing team. Every layer of the Bengals defense missed tackles and at times looked as if they forgot the defensive play call. The Bengals allowed a 50 and 25-yard run, which are the most in recent Cincinnati history. Rookie corners Darqueze Dennard and William Jackson III allowed 4 passes for touchdowns, 2 of which were to the tight ends. The only real bright spot was defensive linemen Chris Smith (#94). Smith wreaked all types of havoc in the Chiefs backfield. The Chiefs combated Smith’s production with double and even triple-team blocking schemes to nullify the pressure.

The Redskins have to apply the same logic as the Chiefs did against the Bengals in order to find success in this week 3 preseason matchup. The Redskins must use combined blocking schemes instead of leaving our o-linemen on an island against Chris Smith. This Redskins offense should have a strong showing against the Bengals due to mismatches that should be in our favor. The Bengals inability to cover tight ends plays into what I believe is the strongest receiving corps on the Redskins offense. Our tight ends Jordon Reed, Vernon Davis and the rookie Jeremy Sprinkle are all huge targets that can catch and run. It all really depends on how well the o-line plays of course, but the opportunity will be available. Given proper time, I believe quarterback Kirk Cousins can and will dissect the Bengals defense. It’s been proven that tackling has not been the Bengals strong suit thus far in the preseason. I’m looking for the Redskins running backs Robert Kelley, Mack Brown and Samaje Perine to have a field day and amass plenty of yards rushing with strong finishes of the touchdown variety. Terrelle Pryor, Josh Doctson and Jamison Crowder should all be able to make themselves open targets for Kirk Cousins. By size alone, the Redskins receiving corps has an advantage. The fact that the Bengals corners are rookies rebounding off a terrible game against the Chiefs gives the Redskins receivers an added bonus.

It’s payback time! The Washington Redskins have a golden opportunity to exact their revenge and take back their “mojo” that was stolen from them in the game played “across the pond” last season against the Bengals. The Redskins will be playing this game in the comfort of their own home with a rowdy and ruckus fan base cheering them on. These Redskins coaches have an opportunity as well to demonstrate their ability to instill trust in the fans. Thus far, we haven’t been pleased with most of the performances or the outcomes this preseason. Things need to turn around for the Redskins this upcoming game, because with all the terrible Bengals play versus the Chiefs, they’re still a hard-hitting aggressive team that can’t be taken lightly. The Bengals will hit you in the mouth and think nothing of it. Redskins fans, I only ask if you’re going to the game, please cheer, yell and make all the noise you can to help motivate our team. At the end of it all, they are our team and we are their fans. HTTR4LIFE!

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The Third Redskins Game is the Charm

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