cover32 staff makes NFL season predictions

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After 214 long, daunting days, the NFL is back!

With the New England Patriots heavy favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions – 11-4 odds – the staff at cover32 weighs in.

Each member of the staff predicts winners of each division, league MVP, and of course, the winner of Super Bowl LII.

The Patriots were picked unanimous to win the AFC East, while the staff is split on the NFC East.

Aaron Rodgers is the heavy favorite to win his third league MVP, with only seven writers voting otherwise.

The most commonly picked Super Bowl match is the rematch that took place just a few years ago featuring the Seahawks and Patriots.

*Mike D’Abate contributed to the post.

AFC East

New England Patriots: Burack, Moore, Schyvinck, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Snyder, Pfeifer, S. Smith, Kading, Iosso, Hurley, Urben, Kelly, Battiste, Ray, Hammel, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

New York Jets:

Miami Dolphins:

Buffalo Bills:

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens:

Cleveland Browns:

Pittsburgh Steelers: Burack, Moore, Schyvinck, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Iosso, Snyder, Kading, Hurley, Ray, Hammel, Battiste, Kelly, S. Smith, Pfeifer, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

Cincinnati Bengals: Urben

AFC South

Houston Texans: Glendon, D’Abate, Justik, Hammel, Mastrucci

Indianapolis Colts:

Tennessee Titans: Burack, Moore, Schyvinck, Hirshkind, Snyder, Iosso, Ray, Hurley, Battiste, Urben, Kelly, S. Smith, Pfeifer, Kading, Rawls, Agnew

Jacksonville Jaguars:

AFC West

Denver Broncos:

Kansas City Chiefs: Burack, Schyvinck, S. Smith 

Los Angeles Chargers: Hurley, Hammel

Oakland Raiders: Moore, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Kading, Kelly, Urben, Iosso, Ray, Battiste, Snyder, Pfeifer, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Burack, Moore, Justik. S. Smith, Urben, Iosso, Ray, Battiste

New York Giants: Schyvinck, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Kading, Snyder, Pfeifer, Hurley, Kelly, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

Washington Redskins:

Philadelphia Eagles: Hammel

NFC North

Green Bay Packers: Burack, Moore, Schyvinck, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Snyder, Pfeifer. S. Smith, Kading, Battiste, Iosso, Hurley, Kelly, Ray, Hammel, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

Detriot Lions:  Urben

Chicago Bears:

Minnesota Vikings:

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Burack, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Snyder, Pfeifer, Hurley, Battiste, Urben, Ray, Hammel, Rawls, Agnew

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Moore, Glendon, Iosso, Kelly, S. Smith, Kading, Mastrucci

Carolina Panthers:

New Orleans Saints: Schyvinck

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks: Burack, Schyvinck, Glendon, D’Abate, Hirshkind, Justik, Snyder, Kading, S. Smith, Pfeifer, Iosso, Hurley, Battiste, Kelly, Ray, Urben, Rawls, Agnew, Mastrucci

San Francisco 49ers:

Los Angeles Rams:

Arizona Cardinals: Moore, Hammel

Meet the Staff with their league MVP and Super Bowl predictions

Bobby Burack – cover32 National editor, cover32 Packers ME, host of ‘The Bobby Burack Show’: Dak Prescott; Packers over Patriots

Brian Moore – cover32 Titans ME: Le’Veon Bell; Steelers over Seahawks

Jake Schyvinck – cover32 Chiefs ME: Aaron Rodgers; Seahawks over Steelers

Ian Glendon – cover32 National Editor: cover32 Patriots ME: Tom Brady; Patriots over Giants

Mike D’Abate – cover32 Chargers ME: Aaron Rodgers; Patriots over Giants

Kyle Hirshkind – cover32 Jets ME: Aaron Rodgers; Seahawks over Patriots

Danny Justik – cover32 Seahawks ME: Aaron Rodgers; Seahawks over Patriots

Luke Snyder – cover32 Broncos ME: Aaron Rodgers; Seahawks over Patriots

Ben Pfeifer – cover32 Colts ME: Derek Carr; Raiders over Giants

Sam Smith – cover32 Vikings ME: Aaron Rodgers; Packers over Patriots

Tyler Kading – cover32 Bears ME: Aaron Rodgers; Raiders over Packers

Parker Hurley – cover32 Steelers ME: Tom Brady; Seahawks over Patriots

Andrew Kelly – cover32 Rams ME: Derek Carr; Packers over Raiders

TJ Ray – cover32 Ravens ME: Aaron Rodgers; Raiders over Packers

Andrew Hammel – cover32 Bengals ME: Aaron Rodgers, Packers over Patriots

Cecil Isaih Battiste IV – cover32 Dolphins ME; Aaron Rodgers; Packers over Patriots

Matt Urben – cover32 Cowboys co-ME: Matt Stafford; Falcons over Patriots

Tony Iosso – cover32 Cowboys ME: Aaron Rodgers, Packer over Patriots

Curtis Rawls, Jr. – cover32 Giants ME: Tom Brady; Giants over Patriots

Conor Agnew- cover32 Browns ME: Russell Wilson; Seahawks over Raiders

James Mastrucci -cover32 Texans ME: Tom Brady; Patriots over Giants

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