Redskins – Hogs 2.0

After establishing the Hogs 2.0 mentality in Houston this offseason, the offensive line is already seeing improvements on the field.

The Hogs were a staple for the Washington Redskins for more than a decade. They also appeared in four Super Bowls, winning three of them.  George Starke (The Head Hog), Jeff Bostic (Bosco), Mark May (May Day), Joe Jacoby (Jake), Don Warren (The Dutchman), Rick Walker (Doc) and the only NFL Hall of Famer in the group Russ Grimm (The Grim Reaper) were the original Hogs lead by the founder and offensive line coach Joe Bugel (Boss Hog). Other players like Raleigh McKenzie, Jim Lachey and Mark Schlereth were contributors through the years.

Trent Williams, the captain of our offensive line, came to training camp a few years ago with a t-shirt that said “Hogs 2.0.” Some people took exception to the shirt and saw it as a sign of disrespect. To me, the current offensive line is showing much respect and a historical knowledge that a lot of current players seem to ignore. Assistant head coach and offensive line coach Bill Callahan says he has a lot of respect for former o-line coach Joe Bugel and that he had actually went to Redskins training camp one year and watched Bugel and the Hogs work. Callahan has brought passion and a work ethic that has not been seen in Washington since the second stint of Bugel and the o-line he affectionately named “The Dirtbags.” Redskins historian and Cover32 Redskins writer Leonard Kirby and I have discussed Hogs 2.0 on several occasions. Though we don’t agree on every player on the o-line, we do like the depth that now exists. My personal opinion is that Shawn Lauvao is the weak link on the line, but in the pass game he showed he is pretty good at run blocking. Young players on the practice squad and in backup roles will push or replace some of these veteran players. Although “Hogs 2.0” have a long way to go to even scratch the surface of what the Hogs did, it’s good to see Trent Williams and the offensive line striving for greatness. If you look to the good things of the past, maybe you can achieve something close to it.

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Redskins – Hogs 2.0

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