The Curious Case of Redskins Su’a Cravens

Aug 10, 2017; Baltimore, MD, USA; Washington Redskins inside linebacker Su'a Cravens (30) prior to a game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

By now, if you have not heard, 22-year old Redskins safety Su’a Cravens has been placed on the exempt list and is eligible to return in 4 weeks. Honestly, the writing was on the wall if you think about it.

It started with the injured elbow late last season versus the Eagles in the middle of a playoff push and he was listed day-to-day. Before the Giants game, he was seen at Redskins Park playing at the infamous ping pong table when it was rumored by other players that an injury like his was the type that players usually push through and continue to play.

Fast forward to this year’s training camp where Will Compton was mic’d up and seen giving Cravens a “pep talk.” Compton said “he was not feeling it” and “needing more” from Cravens.  The response from Cravens was, “I can’t fake it” and “6 more days.” Now I understand that training camp is 2 long boring weeks in preparation for the season, but Su’a Cravens is 22 years old and has the world by the horns, playing at the highest level possible in the NFL.

There’s the rumored group text message with the other defensive backs on the team, telling each member of the DB corps what they meant to him at Josh Norman’s party. Out of nowhere on September 2nd, Cravens told teammates of his plans of retirement and with swift wings the Redskins brass had talked him out of it. Then we saw a Snapchat post from Cravens saying: 

 “I don’t feel I need to explain myself. … I think I need to follow what makes me happy, get my mental right, my well-being right and my family right. I’m not worried about the comments or what people think about me. I’m gonna be a lot more open with y’all now that I can, now that I have nobody to answer to at the moment so I’ll be open with you. You all will really get to know me. You can hate me or love me. There will be no gray area or in-between. I don’t prefer it any other way. Love you all.”

Later I went on Twitter and just couldn’t comprehend what was going on where people were calling Cravens “soft,” “lazy,” “quitter” and other choice words I cannot say here. I caught myself up on current events and I was furious thinking how selfish – less than a week before the Redskins season opener and Cravens just quits on his team and the fans seemingly out of nowhere.

Then I sat back and thought about it. I went to work and told no one I had a kidney infection for which I was hospitalized. The point is, no one really knows what is going on and so anything he is going through is his business and his responsibility. Su’a Cravens doesn’t owe anyone but the Redskins front office an explanation of his circumstances and any decision about his career. The best thing we fans can do right now is pray that he works through any personal issues that are challenging him.

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The Curious Case of Redskins Su’a Cravens

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