Redskins Lessons from the 2017 NFL Regular Season Opener

The Washington Redskins begin their 2017 regular season against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL regular season opener matched the Kansas City Chiefs at the New England Patriots. Much talk by the pundits, talking heads and so-called “experts” had the Patriots heavily favored to win the game. They even said the Patriots could be the new perfect season team, not losing any games. They have five Super Bowl trophies and were the home team. You can look on Cover32Washington Redskins and see that I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to win.

However, they forgot Andy Reid is a good, long-time experienced coach. They, like most people, are guilty of underestimating Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. They forgot that the Chiefs were a playoff team and only two points stopped them from going deep into the AFC Championship. They ignored that the Chiefs have a proud and stingy, talented defense.

At one point, the Chiefs were behind and had 12 penalties called on them to the Patriots 2 penalties. Twice the Chiefs defense had to stop the Patriots on 4th-and-1 plays. In the 3rd quarter, the Patriots were ahead by 6 points. Football is a 60-minute game and the final score was Chiefs 42, Patriots 27 as the Chiefs dominated the 4th quarter with 21 unanswered points.

Here are the statistics that matter. Chiefs had 352 passing yards to the Patriots 247 yards passing. The Chiefs had 185 rushing yards to the Patriots 124. The largest statistic is quarterback Alex Smith had 28 completions out of 35 pass attempts and 4 touchdowns with zero interceptions and 368 yards against the Patriots defense. Tom Brady, quarterback of the Patriots went 16 completions of 36 pass attempts and zero touchdowns.

What can our Washington Redskins learn from watching the NFL regular season opener between two playoff teams? How about never quit or give up? Stand up, fight and stop them on 4th-and-1 like Kansas City did twice. How about not being intimidated by playing them in their house? How about overcoming all those lopsided penalties against the Chiefs? How about rebounding after being down 7 to 0 and then fumbling the ball and only having the ball for 8 seconds?  It appeared the Patriots would go up 14 to zip in the 1st quarter. How about the coach giving his fumbling running back a second chance to make amends, which he did? How about the Chiefs team doing their individual jobs? How about the long Chiefs drive that kept the dangerous Tom Brady on the sidelines as a spectator? How about not believing the know-it-alls, the doubters, pouters and do-with-outers who said they (the Chiefs) had no chance of winning the game?

Former Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan got us the type of football players that the Chiefs have. They love the game and play hard and smart. They are football players who are team players. It is not about them, but it is all about the team. The team succeeds, they succeed. Our 2017 Washington Redskins can learn from the Chiefs that they do not need to be intimidated by being on the road. They can learn to overcome penalties and adversity and keep fighting. They can learn to have confidence they can beat anybody anywhere.

Our first victim will be the Philadelphia Eagles and they will go 0 and 2 because they face the Kansas Chiefs at Kansas City in game two. Knock, knock. Eagles: Who’s there? Redskins: OWEN. Eagles: OWEN WHO??? Redskins: OWEN and TWO.

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Redskins Lessons from the 2017 NFL Regular Season Opener

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