Rams fans everywhere had to be ecstatic with the team’s 46-9 performance against the Colts on Sunday. Unfortunately, many of those fans did not make it to the L.A. Coliseum for the game. Many empty seats were on display at the Rams game, even though ticket prices were as low as six dollars before the game. The Rams moved to Los Angeles before last season and handed the city an awful season that resulted in the mid-season firing of Jeff Fisher. A lot of buzz circles the Rams this season, given their potential to surprise people around the league. Nonetheless, respect is earned in the NFL.

The Fight for LA

Whether of not “The Fight for LA” is a real thing of a marketing scheme by the Chargers organization remains to be scene. However, the two teams do now share a fanbase and will compete for the loyalty of those fans. The Chargers kick off their season Monday night against the Broncos, looking to get off to a strong start in their first season in Los Angeles. The two teams will share a stadium, which the Chargers will rent from the Rams once it is built and opens in the 2020 season. For now the Rams will be in the huge, historic Coliseum and the Chargers will be in the small Stubhub Center, a soccer stadium.

Will LA ever be a “football town”?

Los Angeles has been a town dominated by the Lakers for many years. However, the town is a center for pop culture, if the Rams play well on a consistent basis they will attract a crowd. Celebrities will show up and the crowds will follow, it is the basis of Hollywood. The Rams 46-9 win was a good start, they turned heads all around the league. Regardless of who they played, a score like that jumps off the page.

Will things change once the Rams open their new stadium?

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is building the Rams new stadium to be a sports paradise. It is likely that people will turn out to Rams games just to see the stadium, it is sure to be a spectacle. It will host the Super Bowl in its opening season and also host the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The Rams are set to do a rebranding around the stadium opening, will this be oriented around LA? Many people believe that the team will go back to their throwback jerseys, which they wore when they were first in LA. This could potentially go a long way in reconnecting with their preexisting LA fanbase.

The Rams put on a show on Sunday in front of a lot of empty seats. However, things can change quickly if they prove themselves to be a legitimate threat to win week in and week out. Does the McVay hold the potential to make LA a football town?

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