Takeaways From Each NFL Game: Part 1

Aug 19, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Indianapolis Colts offensive guard Jack Mewhort (75) blocks Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Jaylon Smith (54) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Aug 19, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Indianapolis Colts offensive guard Jack Mewhort (75) blocks Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Jaylon Smith (54) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This was one of the craziest and unpredictable week ones of all time, with the Bills and Jaguars leading their division and Bears almost beating the last year’s NFC champions. Here’s what to take away from every week one matchup this week and what to expect for the season to come.

Colts (0-1) vs Rams (1-0)


Expect more of the same for the Colts until Luck gets back, the defense was horrible and Malik Hooker barely played any snaps, the secondary looks like the worst in the league without Vontae Davis but the run defense actually looked decent for a change. The offense scored more for the other team than they did for the Colts and Pagano’s play calling and decision making was subpar and not putting in Brissett after two pick sixes was horrible. They didn’t convert even one 3rd down. This was a fluke game for the Rams; they just aren’t that good of a team even with Aaron Donald. Though, their defense looked really good even though they were playing Scott Tolzien and the injury ridden Colts.


Texans (0-1) vs Jaguars (1-0)


Quarterback troubles for the Texans, four turnovers, and letting up 29 points for one of the worst offenses in the NFL without their best receiver, the Texans season doesn’t look bright especially with JJ Watt’s dislocated finger. However, Deshaun Watson showed some promise but that is about it. For the Jaguars, this is most likely a fluke game, but if they can find a solid quaterback they could possibly make the playoffs if the AFC South plays like they did week one. Their defense looks great and Fournette had 100 yards and a touchdown. Maybe they’ll be the ones to pick up Colin Kaepernick, or start Chad Henne, so if they can find any solid signal caller they could be a force to be reckoned with.


Titans (0-1) vs Raiders (1-0)


Neither team here looked like what they were hyped up to be, Derek Carr looked good, but not MVP caliber ;nothing was going for Mariota, Murray, and the Titans offense. Marshawn Lynch showed a glimpse of his old self and could be one of the top running backs this year especially with the insane offensive line. This was probably a fluke for both teams and even though the Raiders scored 26, they just didn’t look that good. Of course both of these teams are stacked with talent and will probably both make the playoffs.


Broncos (1-0) vs Chargers (0-1)


Philip Rivers had three touchdowns but less than 200 yards. He had 65 percent completion, but an interception. Trevor Siemian looks like the starter for the Broncos with an 82 passer rating and 219 yards, he had a solid game and the Broncos made a good decision naming him the starter. Melvin gordon had a good game with 79 total yards and five receptions and a receiving touchdown. Pretty much the game went as expected and neither of these teams are that good.


Chiefs (1-0) vs Patriots (0-1)


Unless you believe in curses, Tom Brady definitely had a fluke game. Arguably the greatest in history, Tom Brady now has Brandin Cooks and a healthy Gronk, he will be looking to take another MVP home. The Chiefs’ defense looked great in the second half, but now with the loss of Eric Berry, things could go south from here. Kareem Hunt looks like he’ll be the OROY, but it is week 1. Alex Smith probably had the best game of his life and that is most likely a fluke. Tyreek Hill was shaken up and D’onta Hightower was injured for the Patriots.The Pats’ secondary looked terrible even though it should be top five in the league, and their run defense also looked terrible.


Jets (0-1) vs Bills (1-0)

Shady Mccoy looked like his Eagles self and Tyrod Taylor had a solid game. The Jets really didn’t look like they should’ve looked considering that if you asked anybody that isnt a huge sports fanatic if they can name a good Jets player, they couldn’t. Heck, the only one I can is Muhammad Wilkerson and maybe Leonard Williams. They also have the worst QB situation in the NFL, and quite frankly I am a little surprised they were going to score any points all season. Obviously they aren’t that bad but don’t expect them to play any better than they did on Sunday. The Bills had 23 first downs, and 408 total yards, but don’t get your hopes up Bills fans, because your team is still the Bills.


Steelers (1-0) vs Browns (0-1)


Two words: T.J. Watt.

2 sacks, 6 solo tackles, an INT, and 2.5 TFL.

It doesn’t get any better than this, but somehow the Steelers, the Steelers who could possibly win the Super Bowl, the Steelers who have debatably the best offensive big three in the NFL, almost lost to the BROWNS. The same team who’s number one draft pick didn’t play. The same team who didn’t have their cornerback one because they dropped him. The same browns who went 1-15 last year. This game itself says how unpredictable, crazy, and unrevealing week one is. Le’veon Bell, a player who many predicted would win league MVP, would’ve had 1.7 yards per carry without his 15 yard run, who still ended up with 3.2 ypc on 10 rushes. The offensive line looked great though and Antonio Brown looks like he is still the best receiver in the NFL. This was a fluke game for this offensive powerhouse steelers. Deshone Kizer however, had a good rookie game with 2 total touchdowns, and 222 yards. The Browns’ defense held up the Steelers and the team didn’t look bad.


Ravens (1-0) vs Bengals (0-1)


Andy Dalton just had one of the worst games in NFL history, with 4 INT!!!! The offense couldn’t get anything done with only 14 first downs and 221 yards. They just looked awful. The Baltimore offense looked as predicted, except for Terrance West lighting it up with 80 yds and a TD. Not much to talk about here, just great defense and terrible offense for both teams.

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