Titans Jaguars rushing matchup

Titans Jaguars rushing matchup
DeMarco Murray receives a handoff from Marcus Mariota. Photo courtesy of USAToday

Titans Jaguars rushing matchup

Here is a look at the rushing matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans before their week two game.

The 2017 data is obviously slim with just one game, so 2016 will be provided here.

For 2017, the Titans struggled to run on Khalil Mack. Mack was often on the right somewhat opposite Jack Conklin. The Titans averaged -1 yards per carry off the right end. They averaged 11 up the middle (DeMarco Murray’s 19-yard run) and 5.8 yards per carry off the left end. Defensively, Jurrell Casey and Austin Johnson switched sides. Over the left guard, Casey held the Raiders to just one yard per carry. On the right end, the Raiders averaged 7 yards per carry.

For 2017, the Jaguars only ran one rushing play to the left end and left tackle. They gained 15 and 9 yards on those two plays. The Jags ran 12 plays up the middle for a paltry 2.25 average. Leonard Fournette and company rushed 11 times off the right guard for 3.73 yards. They were best off the right tackle yielding 8.83 yards on six rushes. Defensively, they allowed roughly four yards across the board.

If we’re going to extrapolate from one game of data-

The Jags rushing defense will have to be better than allowing 4 ypc. The Titans will simply run all day and have the “horses” to do so. Jack Conklin and Delanie Walker have to improve on the right side. The Titans allowing four yards per carry up the middle and behind the right guard is where the Jaguars ran 23 plays. That can’t happen either. The Jaguars would also try to run Fournette all day.

Rushing matchup of 2016, Jaguars defense and Titans offense
Rushing matchup of 2016, Jaguars defense and Titans offense

The Jaguars were solid against the run in 2016. They were terrible off the right guard allowing 5.97 yards per carry, but otherwise not too bad at all. The Jags had a bad season and these stats are not as expected. The Titans are sure to run off Taylor Lewan. The Jaguars allowing 5.04 and 4.32 yards per carry there is not gonna cut it.

Rushing matchup of 2016, Titans defense and Jaguars offense
Rushing matchup of 2016, Titans defense and Jaguars offense

From the center on over to the left side is a significant problem for the Titans defense. As mentioned above, the Jaguars only ran twice off the left tackle and left end. That is sure to change this week. Is this the reason Jurrell Casey switched sides?

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