Sep 17, 2017; Denver, CO, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) prepares to pass the ball in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As the Cowboys sit at 1-1, a mixed bag of emotions has begun to fill up concerning Dak Prescott’s play at quarterback. According to the narrative after two games, Prescott is an inaccurate, one-read passer who’s time in the league will shortly run out as Tony Romo comes to the rescue. In actuality, fans need to calm down and all things need to be considered.

Also, we need to understand that this is nature of football. For one, it is the beginning of the season and slow starts happen. Secondly, it is alright for a starting QB to have bad games or ones that are uncharacteristic of what we have seen in the past. Teams get beat, players play poorly, and coaches get out-coached. However, for those to take a small sample size from someone’s body of work and use that to dismiss the athlete entirely, is lazy. Prescott has not been perfect, or up to the standard we grew accustomed to as he led the team to 13 wins in 2016, but the criticism is extreme for just two games.

Holding Dak Accountable

After back to back road trips to MetLife and Denver, Prescott has thrown for 506 yards, completing 61% of his passes, with 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Being blown out by Denver, and seeing as how the Giants look ineffective, the concern is justified, to an extent.

Looking back on the previous games, the sweat dripping from Dak’s face and the errant throws in the end zone sat in the back of the minds of those who weren’t sold on Prescott in the first place. Despite the fact that the Giants were responsible for possibly the worst of Dak last season, in Week 1, Prescott’s quarterback rating was better than both 2016 outings combined.

Starting 4-10 in the first quarter, Prescott would lead the Cowboys to a 16-point advantage in the 2nd quarter, going 13-for-18 with a touchdown to Witten, eventually putting the game out of reach for the Giants.

Onto the Broncos, a game that has seemed to put a stake on Prescott’s head, the Cowboys were demoralized and handled as a whole. Of course, Dak is part of the blame, but his role in the loss has been blown out of proportion. Denver has the right personnel to counter the Cowboys offense, and no adjustments were made of it. The offensive line seemed as useless as it has ever been. A dominating running game was purely nonexistent, receivers had to turn into corners on a few plays, and the effort will be a lingering question if Dallas does not pick it up.

For fans, sometimes it is hard to admit that an opposing team simply beat you, and nitpicking certain elements of the game spring out because of it. That starts with the head coach and trickles down into the players on the field. Mental preparation and lousy execution caused the Cowboys to look mediocre, and Dak was certainly a part of that. Mile High has trampled the elite QBs of the league in a devastating way and will continue do so. Finishing 30-of-50, with two interceptions, the Broncos were able to take the identity away from Dallas and forced a hard feat for Prescott to excel.

What to Expect Against Arizona

A favorable matchup for Dallas, expect Prescott to get back into the groove for the home-opener. With the Honey Badger and Patrick Peterson roaming in the Cardinals secondary, Matt Stafford was able to have his way, throwing 4 TDs in a Week 1 win. Then last week, the Cardinals found themselves in a battle with the Colts. Only allowing 80 yds/game on the ground, a battle in the trenches should test Zeke’s ability to bounce back from his least productive game so far in his NFL career. Great players lead through the adversity, and Dak has a chance to silence the critics come Monday night.

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