Buffalo Bills: Things we know this week

Looking at the things that we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Jun 13, 2017; Orchard Park, Buffalo, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott during a press conference before the start of during mini-camp at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pulchritudinous Wednesday outside in Western New York. “Negative Stanley” broke down the Bills loss for everyone in the waiting area at the chiropractor’s office earlier that day. He was not allowed to ruin the day for everyone like he normally does.

People pointed out how fortuitous we are not to live in some of those areas destroyed by hurricanes and earthquakes even saying a quick prayer. One nice lady who almost never speaks chimed in that the Bills were 1-1 in 1990 and finished the season 13-3 as the road to the Superbowl went through the Queen City.  

Only a handful of folks listened to Stanley as he reminded everyone how foolish of a comparison that is. He brought up the 0-3 start in 1998 that resulted in a 10 win season and yes…..playoffs. Playoffs!!! He crushed those hopeful smiles that he stimulated by reassuring everyone neither one of those Cinderella seasons would be happening anytime soon with this level of talent the current Bills have on their roster.

The weather that inflated sales projections at local drive in movie theaters, golf courses, amusement parks and even church lawn fetes, missing for most of August and parts of July, has arrived. Of course it‘s here. My pool is closed.  Festivals and fairs mostly are in the rear view mirror if you are driving a Flux Capacitor powered Doc Brown DeLorean or have a jacked up hot tub and party with John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry.

Brick Tamland reported it will be 85 degrees for the Broncos game this week immediately following reminding the world just how much he loves lamp.  It looks like he has that forecast correct, but double check that as it gets closer.  He reported the weather for the games last week for the cities of the NFL road teams. 

Unfortunately the time machines from the two referenced movies were programmed to go back to years 1985 and 1986. That made for some great comedy, music and fashion references. It still lands in time that the Bills were in a stretch of time with no playoffs.  Nothing quite like 17 years and going. They would never make a story about a team missing the playoffs that many times in a row because no one would ever believe that is possible.  


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Things we know about the Buffalo Bills this week:

Clearly, head coach Sean McDermott’s defense has shown impressive improvement from the previous two years under Rex Ryan. But, no matter how great of a performance this playoff level defense displays, it requires at least minimum help from the offense. That would imply that losing the clock battle by 18 minutes (time of possession) while topping out at 176 yards of total offense does not meet those qualifications. Really, not close at all. Really, not nearly as close as the scoreboard argued the case all afternoon. 

Three Points?  Doesn’t Nathan Peterman merit some consideration for playing time? “You stay with the plan,” McDermott said. Rick Dennison echoed that thought when asked where his confidence was in Tyrod Taylor. 

It’s a career NFL game number three for both head coaches Sunday—Sean McDermott of the Bills and Vance Joseph of the Broncos. Joseph is trying to become the fourth Broncos head coach to win his first three games with the team. McDermott is trying to become the first Bills coach since the 90’s when Wade Phillips coached Buffalo to meaningful games in January that they call the playoffs.  

Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma State, Sam Darnold – USC, Lamar Jackson – Louisville, Josh Rosen – UCLA, Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma, Jake Browning – Washington, Nick Fitzgerald – Mississippi State, Luke Falk – Washington State. Look familiar? Like the days of E.J. Manuel or the year of Jimmy Clausen? This is the college quarterback watch list that the local sports talk station is following closely as they are 100 percent sold on the fact that the reason the Bills have made arrangements to draft so often in the first three rounds is to endure they can either select the quarterback they want with one of the picks and having a bunch of other picks left over. The other suggestion is if they need to package picks together to move up like they did for Sammy Watkins, they still have other picks so they are not trading away the future on one gamble. I’m okay if they have Nathsn Peterman in training camp next year and draft a quarterback in all seven rounds. We have witnessed too much turnover at the position, average and below average play from the QB’s we have had for far too long. Sounds like this front office gets it that this is a quarterback driven league and will not give up and try succeeding without attempting every effort to have a franchise quarterback. 


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