Dallas Cowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis (27) defends a pass. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the midst of a dominating performance by Demarcus Lawrence, Jourdan Lewis lived up to the expectations that he received coming out of Michigan on Monday night. As both sides of the ball found redemptive success in the second half, a 3-man rush, led by Lawrence, allowed Dallas to drop six defensive backs in coverage, giving Palmer lots of trouble throwing the ball.

Though Fitzgerald would once again remind everyone why he is a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, Scandrick and Brown were the ones responsible for having to guard him typically. For Lewis, he would be the Cowboys’ best secondary player that night and show everyone why he can be an outside corner in this league.

The two biggest issues scouts would point out about Jourdan Lewis were his size and his tackling ability, thus always implying he should be a nickel corner in the NFL. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, this was only one game, but it showed promise because for someone who was able to only practice one time during the offseason and was thrown into the starting role due to injuries, it is amazing what he did.

Also, two throws got away from Palmer that could have resulted in touchdowns, when Jourdan Lewis was the man covering on the play. The elite route running of Larry Fitzgerald and speed of J.J Nelson caught Lewis behind them, but those plays will happen as a rookie, and many teams do not have those explosive pieces on their team.

In his second start, Lewis would finish second on the team in tackles, with six, and one pass breakup. Looking from the outside-in, someone might think that is not impressive considering the time of possession and the amount of plays that Arizona was able to run on Monday. For a cornerback in the NFL, your job calls for you to be able to make plays in the open field.

As the league is becoming quicker and shorter in the passing game, defensive back reactions have to be quicker and tackling is as crucial as it has ever been for them. On this screen, we see Jourdan do both, and Marcus Mosher gives us a little insight on Lewis’ tackles.

Palmer seemed unstoppable in the first half and attempted 48 passes for 325 yards and two touchdowns on the game. Despite the impressive aerial attack of Arizona, Lewis would not be intimidated.

Dallas has been great in recent drafts and Lewis has the potential to add on to an impressive list of names. A desperate need for the Cowboys as well, he can fill a spot that many call the second hardest position in the NFL. His Monday night play needs to be recognized for the importance of what he can bring to the team going forward. He is our Forgotten Star of the week.

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