It’s Time for Buc Nation to Stand Up!

Week two GPP tip sheet
Aug 17, 2017; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (3) throws a pass during pre game warmups before an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been a Bucs fan for thirty years now being that I was born in Clearwater, Florida and have followed this team since birth. It’s been a rough/rewarding experience as we have gone from the bottom of the totem pole to the top of the world. The only thing better than reaching the top, is starting from the bottom.

It has been a struggle dealing with our losses all of these years. We currently have the worst winning percentage in NFL history. Thank God for our ring or else we would have nothing to show for it, but a massive amount of Ls.

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Ironically, it isn’t the perpetual failure that has been the toughest part. It’s not missing at draft picks or the coaching carousel. The worst thing about being a Buccaneer fan for me is our pessimistic fan base.

I get that we are conditioned to losing. I realize that it’s been a while since we have been good. However, I live in North Carolina now and I can tell you one thing, Panther fans aren’t nearly as negative as we are, even with a rapidly declining Quarterback and offense. The Carolina Panthers haven’t won a Super Bowl. They haven’t even had a back-to-back winning season. Yet year after year, they believe in their team.

This has got to change.

Let’s be realistic about this season thus far. We have played two games! TWO!! For anyone to write off a season at this point is ridiculous. Especially considering we dominated an opponent we were supposed to dominate. Yes we struggled against Minnesota last week but they have a history of playing well at home. They have an extremely good defense and a highly underrated head coach. We had eight starters out at one point. EIGHT!

We came into this season with a lot of hype. There is absolutely no reason that should be voided because of one week. If you watched the game last night, you saw a very bad Chicago Bears team. That same team beat what’s considered a top five team in the Pittsburgh Steelers. That same team almost beat the defending Super Bowl contenders in the Atlanta Falcons by only a few yards.

Matt Ryan and Derek Carr played arguably worse than Jameis did, against inferior talent. The Jets who are targeting the #1 pick routed the talented Miami Dolphins. The Patriots almost lost to Deshaun Watson. Green Bay barely beat a struggling Bengals team in overtime. The Jaguars led by Blake Bortles put up 44 points against a what seemed like an elite defense in Baltimore.


We all need to come together for our squad. We all know we have the pieces to be very good. If you sincerely have issues with our Quarterback than stop to think about this for a second. His completion percentage is up markedly to 65.7% from 60.8% for the season thus far against two of the best defenses we will face. Unfortunately, he was pressured to put the team on his back against a top-tier pass rush and one if not the best Cornerbacks in the league in Xavier Rhodes with no run game because the game was out of hands. The guy scored two touchdowns and was making a legit comeback.

Jameis’s first interception was an underthrow that Desean could have potentially corrected on. It happens. The second was perfectly placed, however Desean yet again broke his route because he was bumped off it. The third was another perfectly placed hail mary to Evans, albeit into triple coverage. Mike had the ball and it was unfortunately displaced at the last second by a defender.

Check this out, if Desean had one of those two catches by correcting his route and Evans held on at the last second, then Jameis’s sats would have been roughly 360 yards, three or four touchdowns, one interception, and a 75% completion rate! See how this is a game of inches?

Now I get we can’t play that, “if this had happened” card but if you consider the opponent, it wasn’t as bad as initially perceived. Jameis is a #1 pick for a reason. He has flashed brilliance and he has shown major flaws. But guess what, so has every player in NFL history.

Listen, the Bucs are not as good as they looked week two. They are not as bad as they looked week three. All is not lost. We are facing a winless team, at home, with our entire Defensive Line healthy. Brent Grimes, who did not play last week, is back to help with the passing defense. Jac Smith is back to help Robert Ayers and Noah Spence against a very bad Offensive Line. Jacquizz Rodgers should also get the running game moving again against the worst run defense in the league.

All hope is not lost. We are 1-1. We have a long way to go and another win would be a recipe for success and momentum against the defending Super Bowl champions in six days. Don’t forget, the Dougernaut will be back for that matchup in which we were 6-2 when he was in the game last year.

We can do this. The Bucs are a good football team. The ship can be righted with a win against one of the next two opponents.

Now if we lose both, then it’s a different story and this article looks ridiculous.

Let’s go Bucs! We got your back!

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