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Quick Titans Emails Qs

A gazillion emails about the anthem stuff

This is a weekly exercise, but I have been avoiding the anthem stuff.

I will say this: We should live in a society where it’s OK to love the Titans, the military, and our country. Collectively, we create the social environment that is our society, so I hope you all think the same.

You were wrong on Derrick Henry starting

Yes, I was. I’m OK with that too. If a player is out or limited all week, I’m going to be right far more often than I’ll be wrong. DeMarco Murray healed up nicely with the rest and it “got me” here. Sometimes the injury updates make this a precarious situation.

How come you didn’t write about John Glennon joining the Titans?

I didn’t realize I did not until I saw your email. I thought I did. I love his work. I wrote of him joining FanRag and I guess it was an oversight on my part.

Is PK’s site worth the investment?

Six dollars isn’t what I would call an investment. I’ve seen a lot of talk and debate over his new site. It’s six bucks. I don’t have time for all that. I’ve seen cereal cost six bucks.

I love the rushing matchup charts. Do NFL teams use them?

Thank you. It’s very simple and I do usually receive good feedback on them. NFL teams do use rushing charts but they are often times more complex. They’ll incorporate down and distance to better illustrate tendencies. It’s not exclusive. There are more “tells” that they are looking for. It’s just one piece to their puzzle on defense.

How come Austin Johnson is still listed as a nose tackle?

I wonder that too. He barely plays nose tackle and is clearly more often a defensive end. I guess the Titans have to fill out some paper to the NFL and it’s probably of minimal importance so it hasn’t happened. It does seem kind of trivial from that aspect.

How come you don’t write 4-3 and just write four down linemen?

Because there isn’t always three linebackers. Dick Lebeau mixes things up an awful lot.

What should the plan for the Browns game be? Beat them by 100 and show the world the Titans are great?

Be “deathly” scared of being too arrogant and missing that they are an NFL team and anyone can win on any given Sunday. If it is a blowout, get key players out of the game to keep them free from injury. To be respectful. The Titans were the second worst team in football, not that long ago.

Thoughts on Richard Sherman stuff?

Punk. Sherman is a great cornerback that I usually greatly respect. I thought he acted like a punk that day. He’s better than that and I’d take a wild guess that Pete Carroll let him know to behave appropriately.

Any players available that interest you for the Titans?

Hardy Nickerson Jr was just released. I adored his father. Junior also has a tough nose and a knack for making plays in traffic. Junior isn’t probably starting caliber right now, but neither was his dad as a rookie. I strongly think he is worth developing.

Is Avery Williamson getting a bad rap early on?

Maybe. Missing tackles is totally on him. There are a large number of plays where Lebeau sends “the kitchen sink” after the quarterback and Williamson is the only one left in the middle of the field. If it’s a run play, he often gets stuck fending off two blockers and having to get to the ball. I’ve noticed a number of times he fends them off and grabs the ‘back, then Kevin Byard comes up and makes a tackle. Byard gets the praise when Williamson did the dirty work.

Lebeau is going to “always” send a lot of players to rush in. Woodyard is having such success that he will likely continue to rush in. Williamson is likely to continue to be on an island there. It’s a very difficult job, but he’s going to have to continue to do it.

Has the cornerback play really improved dramatically? The numbers don’t really suggest that

For years, the Titans corners were a few feet off the receiver. They looked like the closest fans in football and not someone playing cornerback. This group smothers receivers. They can do better, no doubt, but they are making receivers earn every catch. It’s a huge improvement. The interceptions haven’t been there yet. Once they get a few interceptions, the opposing quarterbacks will second guess throwing it to a blanketed receiver. Lebeau is sending defenders after the quarterback. If they can get the quarterback to second-guess himself for a half second, the sack numbers will increase too. There’s a mental side to interceptions that should have a real powerful effect for this team once they get a few.

JJ Watt is nothing like he once was

Then let that sleeping bear lie still. From what I saw, he is getting almost the same treatment as Jurrell Casey- two or three linemen blocking him on every snap. He is a beast of a player and I will enjoy every moment that he is neutralized.

Should the Titans be concerned about keeping Marcus Mariota upright this week?

Well, they should every week and I’m sure they are. If Marcus’ uniform is clean, then Taylor Lewan is a happy man. The interviews always seem to indicate that they have the right attitudes and mindsets every week in this regard.

Which player do you fear more this week? Clowney or Watt?

Whitney Mercilus. That guy has been a thorn in the Titans side for years. The Titans contain the defensive line and then he scoots in to make a big play. He’s the perfect compliment to their pass rush.

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