Each week during the 2017 NFL season, the staff here at cover32 Dallas will give their individual game picks. Follow along all year to see just who is the most knowledgeable expert on staff. Without further ado, meet our team – followed by the game picks.

Tony Iosso (40-23) – co Managing Editor/Writer, Twitter: @Tigga11

Matt Urben (36-27) – co Managing Editor/Writer, Twitter: @Matturben88

Big Harb (38-25) – Writer, Twitter: @bigharb06

Will Steele Sr. (37-26) – Writer, Twitter: @BecauseCowboys

Tristan Shannon (35-28) – Writer, Twitter: @Tristan_Shann0n 

Jordan Newman (36-27) – Writer, Twitter: @jnewman116

New England Patriots@Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Thursday 8:25PM

Patriots – Will, Tony, Tristan, Matt, Jordan, Big Harb

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals – Sunday 1 PM

Bills – Will, Tristan, Jordan

Bengals – Matt, Tony, Big Harb

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns – Sunday 1 PM

Jets – Will, Tristan, Jordan, Big Harb

Browns – Matt, Tony

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions – Sunday 1 PM

Lions – Will, Tony, Matt, Jordan, Tristan, Big Harb

San Fransisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts – Sunday 1 PM

49ers – Tristan, Matt

Colts – Will, Jordan, Tony, Big Harb

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins – Sunday 1 PM

Titans – Tristan

Dolphins – Will, Matt, Tony, Jordan, Big Harb

Los Angeles Chargers @ New York Giants – Sunday 1 PM

Chargers – Tristan

Giants – Tony, Will, Matt, Jordan, Big Harb

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles – Sunday 1 PM

Cardinals – Will

Eagles – Tristan, Tony, Matt, Jordan, Big Harb

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday 1 PM

Steelers – Tony, Will, Matt, Jordan, Tristan, Big Harb

Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders – Sunday 4:05 PM

Ravens – Will, Tristan, Matt, Jordan, Big Harb

Raiders – Tony

Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams – Sunday 4:05 PM

Seahawks – Will, Matt, Jordan, Big Harb, Tony

Rams – Tristan

Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys – Sunday 4:25 PM

Packers – Big Harb, Tony

Cowboys – Will, Tristan, Matt, Jordan

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans – Sunday 8:30 PM

Chiefs – Will, Matt, Tony, Jordan

Texans – Tristan, Big Harb

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears – Monday 8:30 PM

Vikings – Will, Matt, Tony, Jordan, Big Harb

Bears – Tristan

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