Kansas City Chiefs Edge Washington Redskins 29 – 20

Oct 2, 2017; Kansas City, MO, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) drop back to pass against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins almost pulled off a big upset at Arrowhead Stadium. They had their opportunities to be victorious but too many penalties, a dropped pass in the end zone, taking a field goal instead of going for the touchdown on 4th and 1 yard to go on the 1-yard line and the lack of more run plays caused the “for real” Redskins to lose to the Chiefs. The Redskins were expected to be dominated by the favored Chiefs who were 3 and 0 and at home, but the Redskins fought hard and led 10 to 0 in the 1st quarter. The Chiefs fans were worried as the game was tied at 20 points each before the Chiefs went ahead late in the game kicking another field goal with only 4 seconds left. A failed trick play by the Redskins caused the ball to be picked up by the Chiefs who scored a touchdown to make the final score 29 to 20. The Redskins showed that they are a top 10 team.

It is obvious that the Washington Redskins defense is tough, hard-hitting and much improved. It was left tackle Trent Williams’ 100th game. Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky was back at Arrowhead Stadium where he played 6 years for the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury report will look like a Saturday night emergency room list in Chicago. One has to respect the play of Chiefs Kelce and Hunt, who both went over 100 yards.

At 2 wins and 2 losses, the Redskins now have a bye week and that is good because of all the injuries, some of which are serious. Cover32 Redskins will post an injury update before the next game.

In this mostly defensive contest with a few big plays by both teams, a few statistics stand out. The Redskins had 220 passing yards versus the Chiefs 261. Kirk Cousins was 14 for 24 with 2 TD’s. Alex Smith was 27 for 37 with 1 TD. The Redskins had 110 rushing yards as opposed to the Chiefs 168. This statistic is misleading since quarterback Alex Smith scrambled for 56 yards including a touchdown run. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins scrambled for 38 yards.

Redskins TE Vernon Davis deserves some love for his exciting catch and run, He was only thrown to twice for 89 yards. Terrelle Pryor had 3 catches, dropping a 4th, for 70 yards and a TD. Josh Doctson had 2 catches for 27 yards but dropped what should have been a game-winning pass in the end zone. I have to agree with Ms. Denise Robinson, analyst and Managing Editor of Cover32 Redskins when she said if she were the Head Coach, all the offense would be practicing all throughout the bye week while the defense be given that time off to heal up!  Ryan Grant was only targeted twice and he had a touchdown catch. I never saw Brian Quick or Jeremy Sprinkle. Sprinkle is 6’5″ tall and 252 lbs., so why isn’t he a red zone target? Why was Chris Thompson only thrown the ball once? Was Jamison Crowder not included in the game plan? He was only thrown to once for -7 yards. We do see that our offense is underachieving, needs to get on the same page and be less predictable. That falls on the coaching staff.

If the Washington Redskins work on their passing game, have fewer drops and throw Brian Quick, Ryan Grant, Jeremy Sprinkle and Vernon Davis more passes, the offense should be more unpredictable and score more points. The 7 penalties against the Redskins for 44 yards was the main reason they lost the game. Some of the penalties are suspect in my mind. I recorded/reviewed the game and I saw 3 penalties, not 7.

Bottom line is our Redskins are a good team and can be a championship team if they improve in said areas. They have time to watch film and get ready to play against the high-scoring San Francisco 49ers on October 15th in a home game at FedEx Field.

Cover32 Redskins appreciates and supports Redskins Salute, the Redskinette Cheerleaders, Women of Washington and the #RedskinsTweetTeam. If you are a true Redskins fan and would like to write for Cover32 Redskins, please contact Managing Editor Denise @MrsCKirk12 on Twitter or Leonard Floyd Kirby on Facebook. HAIL and HTTR!

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    Definitely need a lot more work! They shoot themselves in the foot too many times. Way too many injuries…