First Quarter

The Rams kicked off after deferring a coin toss win, Zuerlein put it deep for a touchback. Eddie Lacy got the first carry of the day for the Seahawks, going for three yards. Two plays later the Seahawks picked up their first first down of the game. On the ensuing Aaron Donald made a big play, bringing Lacy down for a big loss. Wilson went incomplete the next play on a near interception by surprise starter John Johnson. On third and long Wilson was brought down for a sack by Alec Ogletree, a strong start for the Rams defense. Tavon Austin dropped yet another punt, but recovered right after.

Jared Goff complete his first pass of the day to Tavon Austin, then Todd Gurley got going with a nine yard run. Goff took a shot for Sammy Watkins on the ensuing play, but it fell incomplete. He recovered on the next play, finding Robert Woods on a well run route for a first down. After hustling to the line, Goff completed another pass deep to Tyler Higbee. This put the Rams in the red zone for the first time of the game. Austin got his first official carry on the next play, going for five yards. Gurley went 12 yards into the end zone on the next play for a Rams touchdown. However, after review it was ruled a fumble and the Rams lost the ball to a touchback.

Thomas Rawls got the first carry of the Seahawks second drive, stuffed a one yard gain. Johnson broke up yet another play, playing quite well at safety in the early-going. The Rams defense forced an incompletion on third down, but a penalty gave Seattle a first down. Kayvon Webster was tested for the first time on the ensuing first down, forcing an incompletion. The Rams only allowed three yards on Rawls’ next carry, performing well against the run. Russell Wilson made a nice throw on third down, picking up a first down. Donald stuffed Lacy yet again on first down, forcing a loss of four. Mark Barron came free on a blitz on second down, forcing a check down throw. Wilson scrambled for a good gain on third down but slid short of the marker, forcing a punt. Notably, Cooper Kupp caught the next punt over Austin.

Gurley couldn’t find anything on first down, run out of bounds for no gain. He plowed ahead for nine yards on the next play, a big hole opened up by the offensive line. Gurley was stuffed for a loss after lining up as a fullback on third down, forcing the Rams first punt of the day. Johnny Hekker nailed a great punt with good coverage by Blake Countess.

On the first play of the next drive by the Seahawks, Cody Davis made the interception on a double pass. Michael Brockers lined the Rams a 15 yard penalty from the end of the play, but the Rams took over nonetheless.

The Rams went to Gurley again on first down for a gain of two. Goff was pressured on a bootleg on second down, throwing incomplete. Goff then went to Higbee for the second straight play to pick up a first down. Robert Woods picked up a first down carry, going for eight yards. Goff missed Gerald Everett badly on second down for what would have been a first down. Robert Woods reeled in a quick release slant route for the first down. Cooper Kupp made an incredible catch on the following play, going up top for a 17 yard gain. Gurley went for one yard on the ensuing first down, ending the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Austin went for a loss of two on second down, forcing third and long for the Rams. Austin followed the next play with a strong run, going 27 yards for the touchdown. Rodger Saffold made a great block to open things up on the score and Gerald Everett continued to block down field, clearing the path on the run.

Lacy bounced ahead for about two yards on first down, the Rams doing great in run defense. Lacy was stuffed on second down, forcing another third and long. Lots of Rams pressure on Wilson forced an incompletion, three and out yet again for the Seahawks. On the ensuing punt Austin muffed it yet again, giving Seattle new life in Rams territory. Wilson escaped the pocket yet again on first down, scrambling for three yards. After a short completion the Seahawks faced third and short. The Seahawks picked it up down to the Rams 15. Johnson made yet another huge play, intercepting Wilson and returning the ball to the red zone.

Austin got the ball headed for the edge on first down, gaining just two. Goff’s pass fell incomplete on second down after great defense by Earl Thomas. After yet another incompletion on third down, the Rams were forced to kick the field goal. Zuerlein remained perfect for the season, knocking home the 35 yard attempt.

The Rams kicked off deep for a touchback. Wilson was incomplete on first down, a great play by Webster to break it up. Jimmy Graham went for six yards on the next play setting up third and short. The Rams allowed a first down on a pass out of the backfield on third down. Two three yard gains set up another third and short for Seattle. Yet another decent gain picked up a first down for Graham and the Seahawks. Johnson broke up yet another pass on first down, landing a good hit on Paul Richardson. Wilson got a miraculous throw off for a completion despite being on the way to the ground, wrapped up by Donald. A 10 yard gain picked up another first down for Seattle. They went back to the ground on first down, picking up three yards. Wilson completed another pass for a first down, once again under heavy pressure. On first down Wilson found Graham again for a gain of five. The Seahawks got to first and goal from the four after a shifty jet sweep run by Tyler Lockett. Rawls was stuffed by Donald and Michael Brockers on first down, no gain. This play took the game to the two-minute warning. On second and goal Wilson found Graham once again for the a Seattle touchdown. Wilson brought his best stuff on this drive and was rewarded with a touchdown.

Blair Walsh kicked the ball out of bounds, giving the Rams the ball at the 40 yard line. Goff complete a pass to Gurley on first down but gained just one yard. Goff threw a beautiful ball to Higbee on second down, but it fell incomplete. Yet another deep shot fell incomplete, looking for Watkins way down the field. The Rams failed to capitalize on the poor kickoff and punted the ball back to the Seahawks with a minute and a half to go.

Wilson completed a pass for 14 yards on the first play of the drive. Trumaine Johnson failed to break on the next pass, allowing another 13 yards. Richardson picked up his third catch in a row on the next play, going for eight yards and getting out of bounds. Wilson was sacked by Matt Longacre on the next play, great effort to keep after the quarterback. The Seahawks followed that play up with a false start penalty, taking them back to midfield. On third down Wilson looked towards Rawls, who picked up the first down. Robert Quinn destroyed Wilson on the next play, sacking him for an eight yard loss. Seattle bounced back the following play, finding Baldwin for a 15 yard gain. The Seahawks got the spike off on the next play, giving Walsh a field goal attempt. He knocked it through, tying the game up at the half.

Halftime Notes

The Rams put a lot of pressure on Wilson, but he escaped consistently. Gurley touched the ball eight times, a surprising amount against a team that defends the run poorly.

Third Quarter

Pharoh Cooper had a nice return on the kickoff the open the half, getting the Rams across the 30. Goff threw an incomplete pass on first down, knocked away by a Seattle defender. A defensive penalty got the Rams five yards. Gurley went for just one yard on the ensuing carry. Goff found Woods for a 12 yard gain on third down, getting out to midfield. Goff threw the ball Woods’ way again on first down, but the pass fell incomplete. A questionable no call led to third and long for the Rams. Goff stepped up in the pocket and scrambled for a 22 yard gain and a first down. The next play went to Gurley out of the backfield for a gain of six. Gurley lost all those yards on second down, a loss of seven. On third down and 10 Goff found Malcolm Brown underneath and he took it for 13 yards and a first down. Staying true to form, the Rams burned a timeout in the red zone. Goff’s first down pass went incomplete looking for Tavon Austin. Austin got another touch on second down, losing two. On third and long Goff went Everett’s way, but it fell incomplete after a contested drop. Zuerlein proceeded to miss his first field goal of the season, a short attempt from 36 yards.

A short Lacy run kicked off the second half for the Seahawks offense. Wilson found a man deep for 21 yards on the following play, putting the Seattle offense at midfield. Wilson threw an incomplete pass on first down, then found Lacy for nine on second. Lacy got the carry on third down, picking up a first down. Wilson was incomplete yet again on first down, setting up second and 10. Wilson scrambled out of bounds on second down, but didn’t pick up any yards. Graham picked up nine yards on a third down reception, brought down short of the sticks by Barron. Walsh hit the field goal and the Rams trailed for the first time.

Cooper returned the kickoff once again, but only got out to the 18. Gurley got the drive off to a good start, going for six yards on first down. Goff threw incomplete on second down, looking for Cooper. Goff found Brown for a big gain out of the backfield again, going for 16 yards. On first down Goff took a shot to Watkins once again, but it fell harmlessly. On second down Goff found Kupp, setting up third and short once again. The Rams drew the Seahawks offside before third down, giving them a first down. Goff found Kupp again on first down, taking the catch 19 yards and into field goal range. Austin made a man miss in the flat for a nine yard gain. The Rams called Gurley’s number on the next play, going for six yards and a first down. Goff took a sack on first down, a loss of 10. Goff looked for Austin deep on the next play, but the pass fell incomplete once again. Gurley dropped a third down screen and tipped it up, allowing Sheldon Richardson to intercept the pass.

The Seahawks got their drive going with a three yard carry. An offensive pass interference call on the next play backed the Seahawks up 10 yards.

Fourth Quarter

A great tackle in the flat by Nickell Robey-Coleman set up third and long for the Seahawks. Wilson scrambled for five on third down after being flushed out of the pocket, forcing the punt. After the punt the Rams took over at their own 29, needing to finish a drive and put points on the board.

The Rams opened up the drive with an Austin run, losing three yards. Goff threw the ball deep to Kupp on the following play, but he couldn’t find it. Goff found Everett on the next play but only gained eight, forcing a three and out. Hekker punted just 40 yards, setting the Seahawks up at the 26.

Wilson opened the drive up with an incomplete pass intended for Baldwin. Rawls gained three on a carry on the next play, setting up third and long. The Rams forced another incompletion on third down, forcing the punt. The punt went to the Rams 34 yard line, but the Rams bailed out the poor punt with a holding penalty.

Gurley was wrapped up by Michael Bennett for no gain on first down. A false start penalty by Jason Brown backed the Rams up five yards before second down. Gurley gained three yards on the ensuing play, leading to third and long. Goff threw incomplete once again on third down. However, the Seahawks were called for a penalty, giving the Rams new life. McVay called his second timeout of the half on first down, leaving just one for the rest of the game. A holding penalty on Brown backed the Rams up ten yards, his second penalty of the drive. Goff found Cooper in the flat on first and 20 but the wideout picked up just three. On the ensuing play he found cooper again, picking up 19 yards and the first down this time. Goff took yet another first down shot for Watkins, but it fell incomplete. Austin took the handoff on second down but gained just two, setting up third and long. Goff made a clutch play on third and eight, finding Woods for 11 yards and the conversion. On first down Goff threw incomplete once again, the pass batted at the line. Goff floated a second down pass over the middle, getting intercepted by Thomas who returned it across midfield.

Rawls got the Seattle drive going, rushing for seven yards. Rawls got it once again on second down, but gained only one. On third down Wilson threw incomplete, broken up by Davis. The Seahawks elected to punt instead of kicking a deep field goal and Jon Ryan pinned them at the seven. Gurley took the ball for two yards on first down, setting up second and eight. A defensive penalty on the next play gave the Rams five yards and a first down. Goff followed up the penalty with a strike to Higbee, gaining 29 yards on first down. Goff was stripped on the next play, giving up Seattle the ball at the Rams 20. Rawls was stuffed for a one yard loss on first down. Rawls picked up five yards, taking the clock down to the two-minute warning. Wilson completed a third down pass, but the receiver was tackled short of the sticks. The Seahawks ran the play clock all the way down and took a timeout, the clock reading 1:12. The Seahawks lined up their offensive unit on fourth down but were backed up by a Baldwin false start. Walsh then came out to attempt the field goal, converting the kick.

The Walsh kickoff went into the end zone for a touchback. Goff found Higbee for 35 yards on the first play of the drive, getting into Seattle territory. The Rams lost plenty of time, then threw incomplete on first down. Goff found Woods for 20 yards on the next play, brought down at the Seattle 20. Goff spiked the ball on the next play, stopping the clock. Goff went incomplete on second down, his pass intended for Gurley. On third down Goff was incomplete yet again, this time the pass dropped by Kupp. Goff’s fourth down pass went Kupp’s way again, a disappointing no call for pass interference.


The Rams played poorly offensively and performed well on defense. Goff attempted to drive the team down the field, and would have been successful if Kupp could have hauled in the second to last play. Without a doubt, this was a gut-wrenching loss for the Rams. However, if fans were looking for a positive the Rams hung in the game despite five turnover. This was definitely a deflating game that showed the Rams have a long way to go if they want to be contenders, but not all hope is lost. Be on the lookout for more breakdown in the coming days, until then Rams fans.

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