The Rams lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday by a score of 16-10. For many Rams fans this was a tough pill to swallow, losing to a division rival at home. The Rams played well on defense, putting forward their best performance since week one. However, the offense was just the opposite, committing many turnovers and failing to get much going. At the end of the game Cooper Kupp still had a chance to win the Rams the game, but dropped a well-thrown ball in the end zone from quarterback Jared Goff. Kupp’s drop was a perfect metaphor for the fact that the Rams beat themselves all day.

On the very first possession offensively the Rams drove right down the field. Todd Gurley appeared to score, reaching for the marker and having the ball stripped. The play was originally called a touchdown but was ruled a fumbled out of the end zone upon review, touchback. This play killed what would have been early momentum for the Rams on a controversial call. While it was clear that Gurley did fumble, he seemingly had a foot out of bounds and a hand making contact with the ball at the one yard line. By rule, this would have placed the ball at the one for the Rams with a first down, but Gurley has to protect the ball nonetheless.

Later in the game Goff threw two interceptions, one a tipped pass and one a very poor throw. Goff’s first interception was on a screen pass intended for Gurley, he threw the pass high and Gurley tipped it up to a Seattle defender. This was a big play in the game, as the Rams were in good shape to get some points on the board that possession. Goff’s second interception was a pass on a crossing route over the middle, he sailed the ball completely. This was Goff’s worst throw of the day, maybe of the season.

Goff also suffered a strip sack on Sunday, the first poor play in pass protection by Andrew Whitworth all season.

The Rams committed another turnover on special teams when Tavon Austin muffed a punt. Austin has since been removed from the return game, struggling catching punts all season. This play was crucial, as it gave the ball to Seattle deep in Rams territory. Thankfully for Austin, Rams safety John Johnson III bailed him out with a big time interception.

Despite all this poor play, the Rams still had a chance to win the game thanks to a well-orchestrated drive by Goff. Kupp’s drop was surprising and gut-wrenching, but the ability of the team to fight despite playing poorly shows that they can still contend.

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