This narrative keeps repeating itself, and it is getting old if you are a Cowboys fan. After a hot start and leading the Packers 21-12, Green Bay rallied in the second half with a game-winning drive led by the Cowboys killer Aaron Rodgers.

After a slow start with the running game, Dak picked apart Green Bay’s defense, going 12-16 with 3 passing touchdowns in the first half, and scoring on every drive but one. Opening the second half, the Packers would score 10 unanswered points. They would maintain their second drive for 7 minutes for 43 seconds on 14 plays for 88 yards (all season highs), ending with a Davante Adams touchdown.

The Cowboys would respond with a field goal, retaking a 24-22 lead, only to turn the ball over on an intended pass to Terrance Williams on their next drive. Packers’ defensive back Damarious Randall returned the interception for a touchdown. As crucial as the Switzer fumble was against the Rams that changed the game drastically for Dallas, this play by Williams caused a 13-point swing, giving a Packers lead of four entering the fourth, instead of Dallas potentially driving and leading by nine.

Then, deja vu occurred for anyone who has been following the Dallas-Green Bay matchups in recent years, after Dallas would leave Aaron Rodgers a minute and fifteen seconds left on the clock, with a timeout to win the game. Before Aaron would break many hearts in Arlington, the ability to manage time in late-game situations by Jason Garrett hindered the team again.

An awkward call on second down to throw a fade to Dez left many confused as to why Dallas did not just keep running the ball, which was probably working the better than we have seen all season on the final drive for Dallas. Then, an RPO would result in Dak keeping the ball for the TD, but it is now being debated if he should have slid at the one or not. Looking at both sides, if he slides, then you have four chances at the one-yard line to possibly take the lead, leaving very little time for Rodgers. Or you simply take the points and leave it in the hands of your defense.

What Dak did was not ignorant or an ill-move whatsoever. You have to take your points in that moment when given, but what if the Packers, in an effort to conserve time, were actually hoping Prescott would score? Of course, the latter happened in the situation, and although he played a tremendous game, Rodgers would pick on Jourdan Lewis on consecutive plays and throw a near-indefensible pass to Adams for the win.

Once again, Dallas was not able to perform for a full 60 minutes, nor make the necessary adjustments after halftime. As much scrutiny as this offense has faced, it is time to hit the brakes a little on what they have not been able to do. For the past two games, they have been able to score 30+ points, and whether they have looked bad or uncharacteristic at moments, the defense needs to close out the game. Many questions will need to be answered and addressed during this bye week, and it could not have come at a better time for the Cowboys.

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