What Does The Future Hold For Jacoby Brissett?

Oct 8, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett (7) runs out of the pocket against the San Francisco 49ers at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Ballard might have made the most important move of the Colts offseason nearing Week 1 of the start of the regular season. Ballard flipped bust wide receiver Philipp Dorsett for the Patriots third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Since going to New England, Dorsett has recorded just four catches for 85 yards in the whole season. Dorsett has been a nonfactor since becoming a Patriot and will most surely be cut in the next few weeks.

Brissett has been a whole different story since getting the chance to start in a Colts uniform. After a horrendous Week 1 performance by former starter Scott Tolzien, Brissett has never looked back. Despite making some obvious mental mistakes, such as last games interception in the red zone in OT against the 49ers, Brissett showed more than enough to prove that with the proper coaching he could become at least an adequate starting quarterback. The best part of this is that in today’s NFL, an adequate quarterback is worth a king’s ransom.

After Luck returns from his shoulder injury in a couple of weeks, Brissett should go back to being a backup and should benefit greatly from being in the same room as Andrew Luck week in and week out. The “problem” the Colts will have this offseason is one every team wishes to have. The Colts have a superstar at quarterback and a backup that could very well become one.

If Brissett continues to play the way he did so far, he will garner plenty of interest in this year’s offseason. Out of the top of my head, I can think of four teams that should come calling for Brissett in the offseason: Cardinals, Steelers, Giants, and Jaguars. These four teams have enough players to compete at least for their division, but poor, or declining quarterback play has limited their potential and instead of settling for a rookie quarterback they could go for a proven starter, that is still young enough that he is even younger than some rookies. Brissett has a higher floor than any quarterback in this years class and perhaps the same potential. Any of the four teams would be a great landing spot for Brissett, as the four have a legitimate wide receiver corps and a good offense for him to be surrounded with weapons. Unless Jacoby goes to the Jaguars, which could make them Super Bowl contenders, I will personally be rooting for him to succeed, as he showed to be a class act and a great player on his so far short stint here in Indy.

The Colts should not ask for less than a first rounder after watching that the market for quarterbacks is at an all-time high. Ballard should capitalize on his best move as a General Manager and should put the Colts in a better position, not only to compete for the Super Bowl again next year, but also for the future, as he should be able to get some solid picks for what has been the most pleasant surprise of the Colts season.

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