The Rams face off with the Jaguars on the road in week six. In order to know exactly what’s going on with the Jags we consulted cover32’s most knowledgeable writer on the topic, managing editor of Brandon Ray.

This matchup features two of the biggest surprises in the NFL, what is the biggest reason for the Jaguars performance thus far?

“A major factor in the Jaguars recent success they have had is due to discipline. Doug Marrone doesn’t have a big name, but he coaches his players to be disciplined on the field. When he was the head coach of the Bills from 2013-2014, the team was an overall disciplined unit that had one of their more successful seasons in 2014 with the defense racking up 50+ sacks and the Bills obtained their winning season since 2004. Who’s to say Marrone can’t do the same thing in his first go as the Jags head coach?”

What matchup do you feel will dictate this game the most?

“I believe it’s going to be the Jags defensive line vs. Todd Gurley that will dictate this game. Gurley is putting his name in the conversation as the best overall back in the league while the Jags defensive line that is led by Calais Campbell has helped secure the three wins the Jags have. If Gurley is contained by this defensive line, this will force Goff to rely on the passing game instead of his go-to back in Gurley.”

I feel as though the Rams receiving corps will have to step up in order to get a win, what group needs to play well for the Jaguars?

“The Jags offensive line needs to play well for the team this Sunday. We saw what Leonard Fournette is capable of when he gets past the line of scrimmage against the Steelers. If the offensive line can contain guys like Aaron Donald and allow either Fournette or Blake Bortles to make plays, this Jags offense is going to be hard to contain.”

What is your score prediction for Sunday

“Both teams come in at 3-2 but I’m going to give the Jaguars the edge, predicting they will win 28-24 under Leonard Fournette’s monster game that I think he’ll have.”

I would like to thank Brandon for the time he put in on this article, head over to to pick up all the information you need to know about the Rams upcoming opponent.

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