As if this bye week wasn’t already filled with enough drama surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this afternoon on Ezekiel Elliott’s potential suspension, and sided with the NFL.

I am no lawyer by any stretch of the imagination, but in layman’s terms this is what I can gather.

The 5th Circuit has ruled that the courts in Texas had no authority to grant Elliott’s temporary restraining order and injunction against the NFL. By vacating this ruling it has immediately reinstated the original six game suspension. With the Cowboys currently on a bye week, the suspension could begin week 7 when Dallas travels to San Fransisco.

Elliott and his legal team do still have one final card to play however. They can now file another injunction, this time in New York. This could allow Zeke to continue to play. But at what point do you just take the loss and serve your time? Personally, I would rather Elliott serve the next six games, as opposed to having the suspension bleed over into 2018. Contrary to popular belief, Dak Prescott has been carrying this offense at times early on. Maybe the Cowboys and Prescott find a way to go 3-3, biding their time until Elliott returns for the final five game push for the playoffs.

For argument’s sake, say Elliott does indeed sit the next six games. He would miss games @San Fransisco, @Washington, vs. Kansas City, @Atlanta, vs. Philadelphia, vs. Los Angeles Chargers. While nothing in the NFL is easy, I certainly believe the Cowboys could win three of those games. Sitting at 5-6 upon Elliott’s return would be far from ideal, but they would still have a puncher’s chance at making the playoffs.

They say pressure builds diamonds or bursts pipes, well we are about to find out which end of the saying the 2017 Dallas Cowboys fall on.

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