Ugh Waiver Wire thoughts Thursday

Ugh Waiver Wire thoughts Thursday
Florida Gators wide receiver Demarcus Robinson catches a pass, dragging his toes, during the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Ugh Waiver Wire thoughts Thursday

Personal stuff came up and I got stuck here and missed out on a huge waiver wire week. We all go through this at some point, so I figured I’d write about my “what the heck” moves and be team specific for a change.

In one league, I lost Charles Clay. I had put in a claim for Nick O’Leary so I didn’t miss out on him. Aside from needing a tight end, all of these moves are end of bench moves and likely non-starters for FF.

The Giants grabbed my focus since all of their wide receivers got hurt except for Roger Lewis. With Lewis claimed, I watched videos of Travis Rudolph and read olds news and draft reports. One thing that I found interesting was that the Giants had a slew of wide receiver “dings” in camp and he did get time with the ones.

I have Eli Manning. Manning goes up against the Broncos, the Seahawks, and then has a bye. Is his (FF value) season lost due to all of these injuries? I go back to Lewis and Rudolph. I think both of those players have “no chance” of success against the Broncos corners this week, but is that too extreme? Someone is going to catch the ball. Manning is not going to have zero passing yards and even if we pencil Evan Engram in for a bunch, he won’t catch every pass for the team. Should I cut Eli? Avoid the Giants entirely?

Something happened in Chicago. The news isn’t out yet or the Bears are keeping this “in house.” The Bears cut their second-leading receiver, Deonte Thompson. Two weeks ago, he had the most snaps of their receivers. Last week he was curiously inactive and now, a few days later, he gets cut. His replacement was an exciting “camp star” in Tanner Gentry. Gentry only has a couple catches this season and bounces from the practice squad. Mitch Trubisky is starting and Gentry was “his target” all summer. I am hmmm…on Gentry.

DeMarcus Robinson lit up the Titans this summer. He had 3 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown. “All he did” was get open deep. Chris Conley is out for the Chiefs. “All Conley did” was go deep in their X-receiver role. Robinson has the best pedigree of all of these wide receivers. Before the Titans preseason game, many Chiefs fans wondered if he’d ever pan out though. Robinson has the size, speed, and “my ball mentality” to not only fill this role but never give the job back to Conley.

Three judges could all but decide Alfred Morris is the Dallas Cowboys starting running back for six weeks. I can’t keep track of all the legal angles that are at play here, but just that a decision is to be made soon. If Ezekiel Elliot is suspended, “the back from Washington” gets to run behind one of the best offensive lines in football. Is it likely? I don’t know the legal stuff. I do know that everyone in my league will be spending FA bucks to land Morris if the Elliot ruling goes against him.

Gentry got open all over the field. The Bears are weak at wide receiver. Is there really a huge difference in talent amongst the receivers not named Kendall Wright? Would it really be all that difficult for him to step up to the forefront?

Rudolph is probably the third wide receiver option. With Vereen at running back and Engram at tight end, he’s probably the fifth option in their passing game. Robinson should see plenty of time but Conley only received about three targets per game.

Robinson should see plenty of time but Conley only received about three targets per game.

I had to fill two spots. I went with Gentry and Morris. My thinking was that it would probably be an effort to acquire them next week if need be. Even if Robinson has a good game, there probably won’t be a big rush to acquire a Chiefs target not named Hill or Kelce. Rudolph would have Seattle the following week AND the Giants could very well sign some wide receiver in the meantime. Morris would cause a midseason spending spree. There are too many highlights of Trubisky to Gentry. We’re all suckers for highlights. If Trubisky is all happy to have his summer target this week, my league mates will see the highlights and go after him on the waiver wire next week.

Not good options but trying to “make something out of nothing” here.

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