The Rams beat the Jaguars on Sunday in Jacksonville, here’s a look back at the stock of certain Rams players (and one commentator).

Stock Up

Special Teams

John Fassel is easily one of the best special team coaches in the NFL. Everyone loves him and he is an absolute beast. Fassel’s unit played a hell of a game, which most likely made the difference between a win or loss on Sunday. First off, Pharoh Cooper started the game with a bang as he took the opening kickoff 103 yards to the house. Cooper did fumble later in the game but let’s keep that on the down low, as he recovered. Greg “the leg” Zuerlein had a great week as he went two-for-two with a 56 yarder to combat his so-so week last year. Johnny Hekker, who is probably going to go down as the best punter to ever play the game, had another outstanding game with four punts inside the 20 and a net of 43.1. The Rams also managed to block a punt which resulted in a touchdown, Malcolm Brown bowling his way in. 

Todd Gurley

Feed Todd Gurley, clear and simple. Gurley is back to his rookie form playing like the bell cow back he looked like coming out of college. Gurley struggled against a stout front last week but made the Jaguars look like the 31st ranked run defense they were coming into the game. Gurley got 116 yards on 23 carries and helped the Rams keep possession of the ball and face manageable third downs. 

Michael Brockers

Aaron Donald can be here every week so why not look at his partner-in-crime, Michael Brockers. Brockers is an unsung hero on this line as the can absolutely wreak havoc. Brockers had four tackles to go along with a sack Sunday as he was good as usual.

Stock Down

Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins needs to step up, a team doesn’t spend a second rounder and a corner on you to just be there. He did have a great game against the 49ers but he needs to be consistent. Yeah, he was up against a great secondary but great players need to overcome those obstacles. Watkins easily has the talent to be great, he just needs to use it. The Rams wideout came away from Sunday with just one catch and a notable drop. 

Dick Stockton

With the Rams having played so well, why not bash Dick Stockton. Somehow, Dick Stockton is still an announcer for the NFL. Now Stockton used to be a pretty good announcer… but that was 20 years ago. He just comes off as an old man who needs to just retire and enjoy the rest of his life. Stockton made a fool of himself countless times this past Sunday as Rams fans had the pleasure of listening to him on Sunday. Stockton even made it into the national media as he decided it was a good idea to read the exact words on the screen just like Ron Burgundy did in Anchorman. He also managed to call Pharoh Cooper, Cooper Pharoh. My condolences goes to the Rams and Jagwaahs fans who had to listen to him.

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