Call Your Shot: Week Seven Predictions

Oct 12, 2017; Charlotte, NC, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) passes the ball in the third quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Football fans, we are back again for the seventh installment of “Call Your Shot” where we will take a look every game, every week, and predict a winner. Buckle your seatbelts folks, here we go.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

The Chiefs now have their first loss and are the best team in football. The Raiders, on the other hand, look lost thus far this season. I’ll take one of the league’s biggest successes over one of the biggest disappointment.

Chiefs win 27-10

Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings

The Ravens are coming off a tough loss to the Bears. The Vikings are coming off a great win over the Packers. I’ll go with the Vikings based on momentum.

Vikings win 23-20

New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers

Brett Hundley is getting his first full week as the Packers quarterback. Meanwhile, Drew Brees has been the Saints quarterback for as long as most fans can remember. I like Brees and the Saints here. Hundley will need time to settle in.

Saints win 24-7

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins somehow would have a playoff spot if the season ended today despite terrible play at times this year. The Jets have been one of the biggest surprises in the league, having more wins thus far than most fans predicted for the entire season. I love an underdog, Jets win.

Jets win 17-14

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears

The Panthers are coming off a tough loss to the Eagles while the Bears are coming off a hard-fought win. I don’t trust the Bears to put things together two weeks in a row, I’m going with the Panthers.

Panthers win 20-13

Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are surprisingly one of the best teams in the NFC, while the Cardinals have seemingly snuck their way to a 3-3 record. I like the Rams in London, with a smaller time change than the Cardinals.

Rams win 31-17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Buffalo Bills

I think this game will be close but given the uncertainty of the Bucs quarterback situation, I’m going with Buffalo in this one.

Bills win 20-10

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

The Jaguars are a good team coming off a tough loss and I expect them to rebound well. The Colts strength on defense is their secondary, but the Jaguars win with the run game anyway. For these reasons, I’m going with the Jags Sunday.

Jaguars win 27-13

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns

I don’t trust the Browns to win this season, they have been awful. The Titans have looked solid when Marcus Mariota is in the game, I expect that to continue.

Titans win 17-6

Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers

The Niners just aren’t good and the Cowboys are at least okay.

Cowboys win 24-16

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

In a strong AFC North matchup, I expect Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers to stay hot at home.

Steelers win 27-17

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

The Giants don’t look good this season and the Seahawks are playing good football. I don’t expect things to change this week.

Seahawks win 38-24

Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are bouncing back thanks to the leg of Nick Novak. The Broncos looked bad on Sunday Night Football, giving the Giants their first win.

Chargers win 24-13

Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots

The Falcons are coming off two tough home losses where they played poorly. I don’t expect the Falcons to bounce back in New England, even when they’re looking for redemption.

Patriots win 34-28

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles beat the Redskins on the road earlier this season. Given this, I have a hard time believing the Redskins will get the best of the Eagles in Philly.

Eagles win 23-17

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