The Rams line has performed surprisingly well this season, thanks in most part to all-pro left tackle, Andrew Whitworth. Whitworth won’t be playing much longer though as he is “old” in football years at the ripe age of 35 going on 36 later this season. Rob Havenstein has played average at best at the bookend spot of the line and can easily be upgraded. While Whitworth plays out the rest of his contract the Rams can bring someone in that can learn under Whitworth’s wing. Hopefully that person will move to the the left side of the line when Whitworth retires. 

The most polished lineman in my opinion right now is Texas OT Connor Williams. Williams had a “big” offseason as he put on about 20 pounds, which only increases his NFL value as he is looking more like an NFL tackle. Williams went from being around 295 pounds to 315 pounds. He also has the height, standing at 6’6’’. With that weight gain and height he has the premium size to compete at the next level. In 2016 Williams was an All-American and had a staggering 99.2 pass block efficiency rating by pro football focus. He also had a great overall grade and run blocking grade at 87.6 and 84.5, respectively. Williams also passes the eye test, his blocking is appears effortless. He is also very discipline, he only received two penalties in the 2016 season.

With all these positives, what could possibly be wrong with this kid? The answer to that is Williams unfortunately just tore his meniscus, sprained his MCL, and his PCL. His future at Texas is looking murky right now. Williams also had a bad start to the 2017 season, he got called for a lot of holds and didn’t look like he was at his best. This shouldn’t really change anyone’s opinion about him though, he is still a great prospect and a top tackle going into the draft. Because of the injury he sustained it might cause him to drop to a playoff team’s draft position, just in place for the Rams to pluck him.

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