Are The Chiefs Still The Class Of The AFC?

Are The Chiefs Still The Class Of The AFC?
Wide receiver Antonio Brown runs for a touchdown against Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Terrence Mitchell. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were none. The final undefeated team is undefeated no longer. The Chiefs had a really good September and looked to have improved on a few important things, but we have seen many teams have a good September only to be fizzled out by the final weeks of the regular season. What did the loss to the Steelers show about the Chiefs?

If you are trying to rank the AFC, the Chiefs could still be considered the top team, but the AFC is very stacked. Rankings may be a fun thing to look at throughout the regular season, but do power rankings really matter? The Chiefs are good, but we have seen them succeed in the regular season before. In their last 32 regular season games, the Chiefs are 27-5. Yes it’s the postseason that matters, but that does not mean that these next eleven weeks are worthless.

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The loss to Pittsburgh was extremely frustrating as it was almost a carbon copy of the playoff loss from last season. The Chiefs showed a lot of grit and guts in the loss though, and that has been their biggest key so far this season. Andy Reid even mentioned that grit following the loss.

So as long as that same guts and toughness is still there throughout the season that is what will matter for the Chiefs. For Kansas City, injuries are going to happen. They are not always going to gain over 400 yards on offense and they may not score over 30 points every game. Stats are stats and sometimes they just need to be thrown away for the sheer amount of toughness that a team can keep with them.

Think about baseball. The playoffs are currently going on right now, and it is exciting, but most of the playoff games take almost four hours long every night. Baseball has been filled with countless stats for decades, and is almost too analytical. The amount of pitching changes and getting the perfect righty vs righty or lefty vs lefty matchup is almost too technical. There were pitchers back in past decades that went sixteen, seventeen, or even eighteen innings straight. The point is, there is always a lot of overreaction in the NFL and one game in October doesn’t hurt the Chiefs entire season.

The Chiefs are faced with possibly their toughest three game stretch that they will have for the rest of the season, as they head into the bye. If they can’t show the same toughness during this stretch, then maybe they are not a different team from recent years. The fans and the team believe they are ready to get over the hump though, and we will get a chance to see that right away in the upcoming weeks.

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