Game Preview: Jaguars vs. Colts

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Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Photo courtesy of USAToday

The Jaguars right now aren’t a dangerous team in the league due to the fact that they are 3-3, but in the three games they have won, they win by 20-plus points. They beat the Texans 29-7, the Ravens 44-7 and the Steelers 30-9. When there offense gets going, they are a force.

As long as Andrew Luck isn’t throwing for the Colts, their team shows almost no promise for the season. Luck will sit again this week and potentially the season as well. Their only wins on the season are against the two winless Browns and 49ers teams. There should be no doubt that the Jags beat the Colts before the game is over.

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Here are three key factors for a Jags win:

If Fournette is cleared, run the ball

Leonard Fournette suffered an ankle injury in last week’s loss against the Los Angeles Rams and sat out of practice today. If he plays this Sunday, the Jags need to keep feeding him the ball. Fournette currently has 596 rushing yards with six touchdowns. He is carrying the offense in a big way and he should continue to do so. If healthy, expect him to run over a weak Colts defense.

Calais Campbell and the defense come up bigĀ 

In their three wins, the defense has dominated. In these three games, the defense has racked up 14 sacks and 8 interceptions. Their first game against the Texans they walked away with a win and ten sacks. When they faced the Steelers, the defense picked off Ben Roethlisberger five times and returned two for a touchdown. This defense is no joke and they are led by Calais Campbell, a veteran that brings stability and leadership to a young defense.

Let’s not forget about the secondary. While Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye are playing great, Barry Church is showing that he is capable of helping Campbell with leadership. With them going strong so far, there should be no doubt that they control the passing game of the Colts.

Must have consistency

Obviously these are two different teams when it comes to talent, but it is a division game. Anything can happen. I believe the Jaguars can easily pick up this win but the entire team needs to stay consistent. Whether it’s with the running or passing game. If they fail to have consistency, the Colts could sneak up on them.

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