The NFL in London has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in the last decade. Along with this popularity comes more demand from London fans, bringing in good money for the NFL. This means the NFL has to supply as many games as possible to London to get those pounds. While it may be good for the NFL and the London fans, it is not too good for the players. The NFL is a schedule-oriented sport, any shift in it might affect the way the teams play in the game. Going to London takes a lot out of the players and staff helping to move a team full of 53 guys across the sea to another country.

There is a totally different time zone and much different conditions to deal with. Home-field advantage is not going to be a problem for either team. It does take away a home game for the “home” team in London, which happens to be the Rams. So they won’t have an actual home game in a pivotal matchup against a division rival. The good part about the Rams going to London is that they are playing a west coast team who will have to face the same struggles. The Rams elected take take their bye week next week to recover after a game in London.

After their game in Jacksonville last Sunday the Rams elected to remain in Florida all week to face a less significant time change. Hopefully this will change the Rams luck in London, they have lost their last two matchups across the pond.

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