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Titans Wednesday notes n thoughts

I received several emails about this Derrick Henry article and Sylvester Williams talk. Yep, coach Mike Mularkey did say that he liked the split of carries (Henry received more) and that DeMarco Murray would be involved in the passing game. Sly Williams has been pushed around since week one of preseason and Coach Mularkey declared him inactive last week. Thanks for the “you nailed it” emails. I appreciate it. Each situation was a development that took weeks- a progression of events. I don’t think it had any sort of soothsayer vibe, but thank you just the same.

The most interesting thing from today’s presser was Mularkey’s response to a question on Kevin Dodd. Mularkey had said that outside linebacker Derrick Morgan is “day-to-day” and didn’t practice. A followup question was(paraphrasing): Would Kevin Dodd be asked to fill in and contribute on special teams? Coach Mularkey’s response was a highly concerned, “he has to.”

Fans have long been concerned with the lack of production from the former second-round pick. I’ve pointed out that he had precious little football experience and was a poor “candidate” to be converted to outside linebacker. During all this disapproval, Mularkey has always stood by Dodd. He’s seemed positive and hopeful of Dodd’s development. His look of concern finally matched fans’ perspective.

There won’t be any reading tea-leaves here. We’re going to roll forward same as always and look for a progression of events. Kevin Dodd may do well on Sunday and end this discussion topic. He may struggle and add “fuel to the fire” of those who want him released.

DeMarco Murray did not practice and was also termed day to day by Mularkey. He also gave Brian Orakpo the day off.

The Cleveland Browns are a laughing stock

Absolutely not! They’re only a handful of points away from being 3-3 just like the Titans. Their quarterback play has been weak, but otherwise, they have been pretty solid this season.

Kenny Britt and Jason McCourty will want this win badly

I doubt it. The Browns just want a win, probably.

Special teams issues

Coach Mularkey repeatedly stated some displeasure with special teams and that they are trying to fix things.

Zero mental errors

The Titans wide receivers made zero mental errors on Monday night. Mularkey said it was the first time he’s ever seen that. Remember all of the issues with Kendall Wright “ad-libbing” and Justin Hunter? That’s significant progress (perfect, even)for the Titans and keep in mind that Eric Decker and Taywan¬†Taylor are in their first year with the team. This does not mean that the Titans caught every pass, but they were where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

Mariota full participant

Marcus Mariota practiced in full today and said that he hopes to have his mobility back on Sunday.

Rewatch thoughts

Jalston Fowler is playing great. There were several occasions that he leveled a defender with a block. Mariota often had tons of time to throw and (along with the offensive line) he deserves some credit for that. Fowler was Henry’s college fullback and he clearly runs best with a fullback. Last year’s top-rated fullback by PFF has actually improved. The Titans don’t use a fullback often, but his excellent play has to be “pushing” them to play him more.

Mariota, anthem, tired discussion

Late during Mariota’s presser, a reporter asked him if he supported his teammates…wait a sec. Let’s not finish that question yet. The answer was going to be yes. Mariota always supports his teammates. The question was about the same ol’ tired anthem discussion that has been taking up social media the last couple months. Please try and ignore the flamboyant articles trying to stir the pot. Mariota was going to say yes.

The golden boy thanked him

What did Marcus say to Quinton Spain when he was ready to fight, sticking up for his quarterback? Did he yell and get in his face correcting misbehavior second before it happened? Did he say something almost parental to stop Spain? Nope. He thanked him. What a marvelously original golden boy he is. It’s so wonderful to watch Mariota develop and see what a sincerely good-natured person he is.

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