Coming into the 2017 season the Dallas Cowboys’ identity was its smash mouth offense that can beat you in a number of ways. After the first two and a half games, many wondered when we would see that team. Since then, the Cowboys have been one of the best offenses in the entire league.

There was a consensus that offensive line would take some gelling but in reality, the entire offense needed some time to gel. After moving the ball at will against the Giants but only netting 19 points, the Cowboys’ offense hit a rut against Denver and for the 1st half against the Cardinals. In total, they never amassed 300 total yards. Since then, however, the offensive line made a switch to Jonathan Cooper at LG and players like Dak and Zeke started to get into a groove, then off they went.

In 4 of the 6 games, Dallas has totaled 390+ yards with now 3 straight 400-yard games. The final game in that streak ended up being the most total yards Dallas has posted in years at 501 and the most rushing yards since 2011, with 265 yards rushing. 400-yard games were a regular occurrence last season as the Cowboys ripped off 400-yard performances for 8 straight games – a franchise record.

The yards are translating to points as well. Through six games, Dallas ranks 7th in the league in scoring at 27.5, and that is with 19 and 17-point outings the first two weeks. Since then, they have been one of the top scoring offenses in the league. Mirroring the yardage streak, the Cowboys are now at 4 straight games with at least 28 points, an average of 32.5 and 3 straight with at least 30. Over the last three games, they rank second in the league in points scored at 33.7.

What is remarkable about the hot streak the Cowboys offense is hitting is that only last Sunday against the 49ers did they have it turned on all game and only then had they won the turnover battle by at least two. Prior to that, the Cowboys had struggles in the third quarters of each game, ranking 24th in points per game in the third quarter and had struggled to generate turnovers.

With the defense not generating a high rate of turnovers, the offense has to be even more careful not to turn the ball over themselves. In that regard, the Cowboys offense has been incredible. On the year the Cowboys offense is only responsible for 4 turnovers ( all 4 interceptions). You could argue 3 of the 4 with an asterisk because of two dropped passes resulting in interceptions, and another with the QB being hit on the arm resulting in the ball floating in the air.

There is no doubt where the Cowboys bread is buttered as a team, it is on offense. With the defense in transition and young all over, that unit is going to have to play more of a complementary role feeding off the offense. If the Cowboys are going to hit a winning streak to separate from the pack of parity, then it starts and ends on Offense.

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