The 2017 NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone.  There were many flashy moves, from Jimmy Garoppolo getting traded to the San Francisco 49ers to Kelvin Benjamin getting traded to the Buffalo Bills, the trade deadline was more active than ever.  Meanwhile the Los Angeles Rams did absolutely nothing at the deadline.

I know many of you wanted the Rams to beef up their linebacker corps or trade Tavon Austin, but let me tell you why the Rams did exactly what they should have, which is NOTHING.  Currently the Rams sit in a tie for the top spot in the NFC West with the Seattle Seahawks at 5-2.  Yes, the Seahawks got better with the addition of Dwayne Brown, but they gave up a lot to get him.

The Rams currently have 2.5 million in cap space and I’m not sure that there was an impact player available that the Rams could have fit under the cap anyways.  I know many of you wanted to trade Tavon Austin, but with him making 15 million this season, there was not one team who would have touched that contract, plus he is helping revive the Rams offense by using him as a decoy on jet sweeps and running the ball out of the back field.

The Rams used a lot of draft capital to acquire Jared Goff and Sammy Watkins in the last two off-seasons.  By staying pact at the deadline, it allows the Rams to keep valuable picks to continue to grow this team through the draft.

Let’s be honest, at this time of the year every team has holes on its roster, but with the Rams sitting at 5-2 and the team really learning how to win, why would you want to mess with their chemistry?  This team is barely getting started and has a long way to go to reach its potential.  So sit back, enjoy the ride, and trust the process.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all.  For this Rams team, nothing means something because they are young, poised, and hungry. This is just the beginning for the Rams, so prepare to sit back and watch a special journey to the playoffs.

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