Houston Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson has tore his ACL. The injury was first reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter later confirmed that the fears mentioned in Rapoport’s original report were confirmed. Watson has a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the season.

The injury was described as a non-concact injury which is common with ACL tears. The Rookie of the Year Candidate’s season has come to an end and with it all the hopes the Houston Texans had of a playoff run.

In Watson’s place, the Texans will start Tom Savage. Savage started the first week of the season and was benched due to unspectacular play. With Savage the offense will change tremendously. No longer will the threat of the quarterback run be present and possibly the most dangerous runner on the team will no longer be taking the field.

The offense will have to shift to incorporate Savage’s strengths, which unfortunately are drastically different than Watson’s. The trade of Duane Brown was made due to the fact the offense was incorporating college themes and allowing the trade of Brown to be justified. Without Watson, the trade of Brown could sink the Texans offense. Without Brown in Week 1 the Texans surrendered 10 sacks to the Jaguars defense. It is a reality that depleted Texans offensive line could surrender more sacks as the season continues.

Without Deshaun Watson the Houston Texans offense will struggle to move the ball down the field and put points up on the scoreboard. The challenge of making a playoff run is now near-impossible. Savage’s skill set limits the offense and winning games will not be an easy task.

Free agent quarterback Matt McGloin has been signed for quarterback depth. Head coach Bill O’Brien coached McGloin at Penn State.

The road to recovery for Deshaun Watson will be long and grueling. The NFL is better with a healthy Deshaun Watson and not one injured and on the sideline.

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