Redskins vs. Seahawks: Eleven on Twelve

Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks. Photo by Matt Slocum

Redskins fans, we’re back at it. This time we face the Seattle Seahawks. It’s another chance to prove this isn’t the same Washington Redskins team as in years past. Last Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys was a tough pill to swallow. Let’s stay focused on the facts. Multiple injuries and bad weather played a major part in the loss. Even with the mistakes, injuries, and terrible weather, the Redskins still had a chance to walk away victorious, and that’s something to feel good about. This week we take on the Seattle Seahawks and their ever so popular 12th man (home field crowd). This game should be a little better for the Redskins because the newly signed players have had a chance to practice with the team and learn the scheme of the offensive game plan.

The Seahawks faced off against the Houston Texans, an up-and-coming team led by rookie QB sensation Deshaun Watson. Deshaun has come in and lit a fire under the Texans offensive players. The Seahawks didn’t defensively have an answer for the Texans offense, allowing Watson to pass for over 400 yards along with 4 touchdowns and 67 yards rushing by himself. As a unit the Texans rushed for 142 yards, also allowing RB Lamar Miller 1 rushing touchdown. In the past, these were unheard of offensive stats for any team playing against Seattle and their 12th man. I don’t recently recall seeing a rookie QB put up those kinds of numbers facing the Legion of Boom (Seattle’s defensive unit’s nickname). It showed that an experienced team can find success in Seattle. The Redskins are that experienced team. They just have to believe that they are. Every team playing the Seahawks in Seattle has the same complaint: crowd noise. The Redskins had the opportunity this season to play in Kansas City, another ruckus and rowdy fan base. The results weren’t in our favor, but at least the Redskins players know what to expect in Seattle.

The Seahawks have a young phenom in QB Russell Wilson. Wilson has lit teams up since his arrival in the NFL. Most noted are his scrambling capabilities. Wilson extends plays that are close to being in the defense’s favor time and time again. Wilson himself passed for 452 yards, threw for 4 touchdowns and 1 interception on 26 of 41 passing attempts. The Seahawks rushed for 36 yards total as a team. The Texans defense found creative ways to shut the Seahawks rushing game down completely. The Redskins defense enters this contest ranked 5th in rushing. It’s the passing game that’s an area of concern. With Russell Wilson’s ability to extend or improvise on each down, the Redskins will have to concentrate on containing Wilson in the pocket. The Redskins corner backs are going to have to find ways to stay with the Seahawks receiving corps. The defensive line needs to bring constant pressure in order to throw off the QB and WR’s timing.

The Redskins coaching staff has to be willing to leave it all on the field this week. They have to play the rest of this 2017 season as if they’re all playoff games to have any chance at a playoff berth this season. It’s going to take effort across the board from all 53 players and each coordinator to obtain this goal. We’ve seen the Redskins run the table and get 7 or 8 consecutive wins. That’s the type of energy they need for the remainder of this season. Anything less and the Redskins will fall short. Proper clock management is a huge part of team success. The Redskins have had too many opportunities to drag out the clock to give the team a rest and didn’t take advantage of the situation. Winning use all advantages to their favor in every game.

Kell’s Keys to Victory:

I realize that this will be a tough game due to Seattle’s 12th man and the noise they create. The Redskins could find themselves winning by controlling the time of possession battle. Russell Wilson can’t hurt you if you make him one dimensional. The Redskins must stop the run and brake up passing plays. The Redskins defense has to create their opportunities with turnovers, pass rushing and sound tackling. They must play the second half as confident and secure against the Seahawks as the first.

The Redskins offense should find success running and using quick short passes. They must keep Seattle’s defense on its heels. The Redskins offense can’t be predictable. They need to involve Chris Thompson more in the game plan. The Redskins must keep the ball secure on every possession because Seattle’s defense will try to take the ball away at every turn. The offense must take advantage of their red zone chances. Field goals are okay, but they won’t be enough to beat the Seahawks. The crowd noise must be ignored to avoid being offsides and false starts.

Enjoy week 9 Redskins fans and as always, Hail to the Redskins 4 Life!

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Redskins vs. Seahawks: Eleven on Twelve

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