When the Rams brought in Sean McVay as the youngest head coach in NFL history many people around the league had questions. Is he too young? Can he lead a group of guys, some of whom are older than him? Does he have enough football experience to be a head coach? Questions, answered.

The Rams head coach has proved himself as an offensive mastermind, taking the Rams offense from worst to first. He helped Jared Goff to develop and silence anyone who dared call him a “bust”. He brought Todd Gurley back to his Rookie of the Year form and has him set to exceed it. However, these things did not come as much of a surprise for those who understood what a sharp offensive mind McVay is.

McVay took over and instantly began preaching accountability to his players, holding them to a high standard at every turn. When Tyler Higbee arrived late for a McVay meeting during camp, he was fined. When players don’t conduct themselves properly on the field, they are fined. When running sprints in practice, McVay watches the film later on and ensures that his players touch the line every single time. The Rams players don’t dare be late for their coach’s meetings anymore, no matter what the situation. But the youngest head coach in NFL history is also quick to praise his players, and that has been much appreciated by this Rams team.

The accountability begins with McVay himself, who may be his own harshest critic. The young coach got on the stand at a press conference earlier this season and criticized his own play calling after a tough loss to the Redskins. He practices what he preaches, day in and day out.

When Rams star wide receiver Sammy Watkins took to twitter to voice his frustrations earlier this season, McVay sat down with him. In a press conference later on McVay made it known that he and Watkins watched every single play of the Seattle game, talking about Watkins can do better and what McVay can do in order to give him more opportunities.

When it appeared that a scuffle was forming just before halftime of the Rams game on Sunday, McVay and his staff ran out to get their players to the locker room. That may not sound like something that stands out, but not a single Giants coach was anywhere near the group that formed.

Accountability is the number one thing on the list of McVay’s expectations for his team, and he proves it on a consistent basis.

– Andrew Kelly is the Managing Editor for cover32.com/Rams and covers the Los Angeles Rams. He also writes national and fantasy content for cover32. Like and follow on

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