Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will forever be linked in conversation, and deservedly so. The two young quarterbacks were selected first and second overall in the 2016 NFL Draft, with differing opinions on who should be drafted first overall. The Rams traded five picks for the right to draft Goff first overall, he was their guy the whole way. The Eagles were forced to move up too, also trading five picks to go up and get Wentz.

Wentz saw the field first, starting every game for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Coming out of North Dakota State, there was a lot of questions about whether or not Wentz’ talents would translate to the NFL where he would face much stiffer competition. However, many analysts and fans around the league felt that he had the tools to become an elite quarterback at the professional level. He had his ups and downs in year one, but showed flashes of immense potential. That potential carried over to this season, which has been mostly ups. Wentz has already thrown over 20 touchdowns this season and is performing at an MVP level, leading his Eagles to the best record in the NFL thus far at 8-1. Not only is Wentz a dynamic passer, he presents the ability to escape pressure and make plays with his legs.

Goff was another story year one, not getting his first start until the ninth game of the Rams season. Coming out of the University of California, it was clear that Goff faced a much better level of competition at the college level than Wentz. Still, many experts believed that Wentz had a higher ceiling. The young quarterback struggled quite a bit in year one, not picking up a single win and posting awful statistics. However, much of the blame was (rightfully) placed on Goff’s poor supporting cast and dreadful offensive system. His sophomore season has been a completely different story. Goff now has Sean McVay calling the plays, one of the best young minds in football. He also now has a strong group of receivers and one of the best running backs in the league to keep opposing defenses honest. Goff has now lead his team to a 6-2 record at the midway point, posting the most points per game in the NFL.

Both Goff and Wentz are performing at a level that is blowing fans around the league out of the water. The two young stars are shaping up to be a force in the league for years to come, currently leading arguably the top two teams in the NFC. History will likely look upon Goff and Wentz to see who was the better player in the end, and ultimately see if the Rams made “the right decision”.

The truth about these two young stars, thus far, is that there was no wrong decision.

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