Week 9 Five Yuck Titans plays

Week 9 Five Yuck Titans plays
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Week 9 Five Yuck Titans plays

Here are five yuck plays that will be followed by five nice plays.

Background: Coach Mike Mularkey loves a three tight end set and only has three tight ends this season. The positive is that it adds more blockers to the center of the field. The negative is most everyone is congested in the center of the field.

In 2017, rather than sincerely get away from the three tight end set, offensive coordinator Terry Robiske has gotten “cute” with how he can create extra blockers. It’s a shame. The Titans are the deepest at skill positions that they have been in more than a decade. These plays don’t at all utilize their athletic edge over their competition. They are “tough guy” grunt type plays.

Play one: Tight ends Phillip Supernaw and Delanie Walker are in the backfield as the Titans line up in a wishbone formation. Yes, wishbone. They don’t block on this run play. They were tight ends turned fullbacks that didn’t block.

Titans wishbone from the fourth quarter.
Titans wishbone from the fourth quarter. Courtesy of NFL.com

Play two: Here Jonnu Smith and Phillip Supernaw are the tight ends, I mean fullbacks, in the wishbone formation. Smith does little but help out the right tackle. Supernaw wisely pauses and picks up a block. Check out Corey Davis at the top. If his cornerback didn’t incorrectly think he was running a route to the right, that corner would easily be making this tackle.

Titans wishbone run.
Titans wishbone run. Courtesy of NFL.com

Play three: Here is an earlier wishbone play. Watch Rishard Matthews at the top. All the wide receiver has to do is block his cornerback, then go seal off a safety before the runner, DeMarco Murray, gets there. The tight ends, I mean fullbacks, basically run away from the play.

Titans wishbone three.
Titans wishbone three. Courtesy of NFL.com

Play four: The Titans are spread out well. Their athletes can finally utilize their athleticism, but three players run their routes to the same spot.

Titans routes wind up in same spot.
Titans routes wind up in the same spot. Courtesy NFL.com

Play five: Another way Robiske is “cute” and utilizes his three tight end set. Here, wide receiver Eric Decker lines up like a tight end, joining the other two tight ends on the right. Derrick Henry runs for 12 yards here, but that’s just because he started eight yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Tight End Eric Decker.
Tight End Eric Decker. Courtesy of NFL.com

Bonus: Good and Bad play. The interception Marcus Mariota threw was a poor decision. It’s a nice play though. At the snap, up top, there are two defenders on three Titans. Mariota should have hit Walker who was left uncovered. To the left (it was 3rd and 4) Murray is there for a screen and Mariota didn’t even look his way. Poor decision aside, he had options and I like the play.

Check out Murray on this interception by Marcus Mariota.
The interception by Marcus Mariota. Courtesy of NFL.com


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