Dear Buffalo,

Hope you guys are doing well, I see you’re having an alright season. That was a rough one against the Saints on Sunday… yikes. Keep your head up fellas, you’ve already exceeded expectations.

I just wanted to write and say thank you. Ya know, for Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins? You guys let Woods walk in free agency, and wow was that a lucky move for the us here in Los Angeles. You also made us a pretty good deal for Watkins, and he’s heating up too.

Woods caught a 94 yard touchdown pass on Sunday, absolutely toasting the defense and catching a great ball from Jared Goff. Woods has been Mr. Reliable all season and is always where Goff needs him to be, when he needs him to be there. Let me make it more clear for you, Goff has a PERFECT passer rating when throwing to Woods since week six. He runs precise routes and does not even seem to know the definition of the word drop. He has put up really strong numbers this year, and should have an extra touchdown after he was robbed against the Cowboys.

Let’s face it, the guy was just meant to be in Los Angeles. He set career highs yesterday, in the Coliseum where he played his college games with USC. Woods’ second touchdown on Sunday came on a fake reverse, then he broke back out to the flat and fought his way to the end zone after making the catch. A few fans were worried that Woods wasn’t worth the money, well more than a few. Boy, were they wrong.

Watkins was a pretty surprising trade when it all went down, but I’m happy it did. E.J. Gaines is a nice young player, and you guys might hit on that second round draft pick. Some fans here have been frustrated that Watkins hasn’t had a ton of production, but he is certainly drawing a lot of attention regardless.

He hit a home run play last week in New York, and took a screen pass for a touchdown this week. Not to mention that blocking, he is a tenacious blocker. It seems like Watkins’ chemistry with Goff and usage just keeps increasing, and the Rams already have the highest scoring offense in the NFL.

So thank you Buffalo, we really appreciate Woods and Watkins. You guys have a winning record and just had to go get Kelvin Benjamin so you had somebody who could make plays in the passing game, maybe you should’ve kept our dynamic duo around. Sorry, its too late to take them back. Well, we’re gonna get to work focusing on Minnesota, I’ll talk to you later. Thanks again.


Rams fans

– Andrew Kelly is the Managing Editor for and covers the Los Angeles Rams. He also writes national and fantasy content for cover32. Like and follow on

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