Bye Week Blues: Jets Eyeing Future QB in both Free Agency & Draft

Bye Week Blues: Jets Eyeing Future QB in both Free Agency & Draft
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With no Jets football this week, it is only natural that the fan base and media throw gasoline at any sort of sparking story that comes their way.

With that comes perspectives on the possibility of the Jets adding the recently benched Tyrod Taylor to their squad via free agency next year, and the notion that they are heavily interested in Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. The light shining down on Josh McCown looks quite bleak if I had to say so.

But with every rumor comes some hint of truth. The Jets are a quarterback away from being a playoff contender, and looking at possibilities for immediate impact is not as crazy as some may think.

But would Tyrod really join the upstart Jets this offseason? Would the Jets pay him? Or is it Kirk Cousins the Jets heavily pursue? Or do we shoot for a franchise-caliber player in the draft?

These questions are piling up, and more so because of the bye week that has the fan base itching for something to eat up. And while they all hold some validity in the realm of the mouths they spew out of, do any of them hold more weight than the others?

Tyrod Taylor is being benched by the Bills for some reason in Week 11, and while many question it, there has to be some truth behind it.

The Bills are likely going to turn their heads the other way when it comes to the upcoming offseason and the resigning of Taylor. The initiative to get their rookie quarterback some starting time only furthers that they are prepping beyond 2017.

Like Adam Schefter mentioned, this could make for quite an interesting 2018 QB free agent class, something the Jets will be taking a close look at. Taylor ultimately won’t be a cheap pick up, but he could be the dual-threat quarterback the Jets need to take the next step.

While he hasn’t exceeded career expectations by much, he is still a young and versatile quarterback that could mix well with the rebuilding Jets. Securing him in free agency could allow the Jets to be manipulative come draft day. Perhaps taking an offensive lineman before a quarterback? Grabbing a quarterback late in the first or second round? Signing Taylor would open the doors for the Jets and allow them to have a variety of routes to see potential success.

And apparently one of those quarterbacks they could grab in the draft is one they are in “love” with, according to Matt Miller.

Josh Allen could fit well in the Gang Green system. He is a physically gifted quarterback with versatility in both his arms and feet. He has the ability to make passes both in the pocket and on the move when the pocket collapses. However, there is a chance he could be an early first round draft choice.

That being said, the Jets could still get him. It may require them to trade down, but the reward could easily outweigh the risk.

Would it be the right choice though? Debatable, especially in such a highly prospected quarterback class that could be crucial to many of the teams hungry for a franchise player. Others the Jets should be eyeing: Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Josh Rosen, and Baker Mayfield.

But it’s impossible to determine which would prosper the most in Green & White. The debate will only continue until draft day, and is bubbling the most during the current bye week.

However, it can be mutually agreed upon that the Jets are in dire need of a franchise quarterback. It has been evident in recent years that a Super Bowl is only attainable by having a star quarterback. The Jets just need to get that guy.

As mentioned earlier, there is plenty of talent readily available in the upcoming free agent market. Besides, Taylor, the following are set to become free agents after 2017: Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, Sam Bradford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Brock Osweiler, and of course, Colin Kaepernick.

The Jets will have a plethora of viable quarterback options to negotiate with this coming off season, the fans and media just hope they make the right choice.

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