Suffering a 37-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys have some serious issues that need to be addressed or this season will fall away quickly.

Starting from the top of the chain of command, Jason Garrett and company are slowly proving their worth as coaches, and it is leaving fans worried. Now, not all the blame is solely on them, because when at 100%, the Cowboys had the fourth-ranked offense in the league, and an average defense that can stop a team’s running game. The only problem is, and the question that keeps repeating itself, is how much talent is masking the hiccups of their mistakes or failed adjustments?

Losing possibly a top 5 player in four different areas of your team, is extremely difficult to replace, but a 16 point differential within your defense when Lee is out, and only being able to score one touchdown in two games as an offense, is troubling. The first halves of games seem reasonable, and moments happen, because the defense is able to sustain for some time, but the third quarter has been brutal for this team. In their five losses, Dallas had a lead entering the half in three games, including the Eagles, and trailed at most by 11 in the other two. As intelligent as Garrett and Linehan may seem, they fail in making in-game adjustments, steady getting out coached in the second half, as Dallas has scored just two offensive touchdowns in those five games after the first 30 minutes of each matchup.

Now with Dak, and sadly it has to be said, but he deserves all blame for this game, in regards to his play. Although Philly ranked first in the league in rushing defense, Prescott was complemented by a decent showing from his RBs and OL in that aspect of the game. Running for 112 yards as a team, with Alfred being responsible for 91 on an astounding 5.4 yards per carry, they did way better than expected, but Dak and the Cowboys did not take advantage of it.

What should have been exposed, gave Prescott the most trouble. Completing just 18 of his 31 passes, Prescott looked as mentally lost as ever. Errant throws over the field that either sailed over the WRs head or too short, forcing it towards Dez direction and displaying once again the lack of chemistry between the two and simply not making enough plays. Though Byron was a major improvement compared to last week, he still struggled, allowing one sack, three hurries and five pressures – leading to an awful outing for Dak when they got to his face.

Are these shots to say Dak is not the good QB people have believed him to be? Of course not, but he is not there yet to carry a team when given handicaps to his supporting cast. It was only his second game having to go through this, and every player has a bad game, but the development still has a long way for Prescott until he becomes that next elite QB in the league.

With the Chargers coming into Arlington for Thanksgiving Thursday, the past two games have fans in disarray as if Dallas can even escape with a W. While they do sit at 4-6, if the Cowboys offense do not hit a complete 180 as they square off against the 10th ranked defense, the dagger could come early for the season.

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