The Cravens Who Cried Wolf

Aug 10, 2017; Baltimore, MD, USA; Washington Redskins inside linebacker Su'a Cravens (30) prior to a game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It’s one thing to quit a football team and be very vague as to why, but it is another thing to just flat out lie. On Monday, December 18, Redskins strong safety Su’a Cravens took to social media claiming he was racially profiled and given three tickets by a police officer. Su’a said on video that he was driving at a speed of 39 mph in a 35 mph zone. He also stated he received a ticket for his illegally tinted windows. Nothing mentioned about the third ticket.

Interesting that he posted a video on social media on December 18, giving the impression that the incident had just taken place when in fact, Cravens was pulled over back on November 29th. Cravens erroneously stated he was pulled over for driving 39 mph in a 35 mph zone. Truth is, the zone in which he was pulled over is actually a 25 mph zone. That puts Cravens 14 mph over the speed limit.

The only truth to Cravens’ claim was that he received a ticket for having illegal window tint on his vehicle. But where his story gets shaky once again is, he claims he was racially profiled. Now this is a common problem in today’s society; however, let’s just stick to this specific incident. Someone please explain how you can be racially profiled when tinted car windows are so dark that you cannot see inside the vehicle?

I’ll break it down for you. Cravens was pulled over for speeding and when the police officer came to his vehicle, he noticed the window tint was illegal as well. So the police officer ticketed him not only for speeding but also for having illegal window tint. I do not see a race-based issue here.

Su’a Cravens misrepresented the facts, looking for attention on social media – once again. He is using current issues that society has with law enforcement and using them as an excuse to cry wolf. What Cravens didn’t consider is that this recent police incident is a matter of public record for anyone to view and his claims of being racially profiled are not supported by the facts. It’s not clear why Cravens thinks he is above the law, but the record reflects he wasn’t accurate in his claims. This sort of attention-seeking is not worthy of an opportunity to come back and play for the Washington Redskins. Sadly, not sure which is worse – lying or quitting. From what we’ve seen, Su’a Cravens has done both.

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