The Redskins Fight For 500

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Redskins fans, it’s week 16 already. Football we’ve enjoyed these past 15 weeks will be no more. It’s time for the elite to show their desire to be champions. Once again, our beloved Redskins will be on the outside looking in. This is where we’ve been too many seasons. We get down to the last few meaningless games then our Redskins remember how to play and win. This season has been painful, disappointing and even troubling. Since we fans can’t do anything about it, it’s time for our most famous and often used line, “We’ll get them next season” as we look more at what will the Redskins do in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Redskins fans tired of just looking forward to the next season. We deserve a chance to play for the Super Bowl trophy. Unfortunately, our Redskins have completely lost their way. We’ve watched players out of place, our QB misread routes, WR’s not create separation to give the QB a clean throwing lane, etc. Injuries played a huge part in this season’s woes, but all NFL teams are playing banged up as the regular season ends. The problem is, even when the Redskins were fully healthy they didn’t perform very well. The Redskins need to play like they understand who and what they are representing. The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) is a very proud area with rich history, monuments, and is the capital of our great nation.

Week 16 has the Washington Redskins hosting the Denver Broncos – another team who hasn’t lived up to expectations. This game has been titled “The Basement Battle” because both teams are basically fighting for 2018 NFL Draft positioning. The Broncos’ fall from NFL supremacy has been duly noted by football fans throughout the league. This is a team not 5 years removed from a Super Bowl title. Terrible QB play since the Super Bowl has been the center of Broncos fans’ conversation. The lack of a run game or good offensive line pay is similar to the situation here in Washington. The Broncos defense has also taken a step or two backward since their Super Bowl victory versus the Carolina Panthers. We don’t hear Von Miller’s name called as much as we used to. This game can go either way. It will come down to which team has the proper motivation and desire to win.

The Redskins are entering this contest against the Broncos with a 6-8 win-lose record, fighting to get to 500. The Broncos enter into this matchup with a 5-9 record, which has them 4th in the AFC West. These two teams almost mirror each other. Again, it’s going to come down to pride and motivation to determine who wins. This Basement Battle will tell us exactly where the Redskins and the coaching staff are as a unit. The hardest game to get up for is the one that has no real bearing on the team’s current standing. Some players and coaches have been known to mentally pack it in and prepare for the upcoming offseason. Let’s hope our Redskins realize the missed opportunities and failures of this 2017 campaign and choose to show the fans that we’re headed in the right direction. We’ve heard all the speeches and bought into all the hype, now it’s time for the Redskins to show and prove. Prove that while we didn’t have the season we expected, we can still finish strong and with a record of 8-8. It isn’t a terrible place to be, but it’s not playoff worthy. It will at least give fans a ray of hope for good things to come. Jobs are on the line and no one is guaranteed anything for next season. What is captured on film at this point will show the individual character of each coach and player. The Washington Redskins have to realize that they are in a fight for 500, to prove that this season was doomed primarily due to injuries and that they understand what it takes to win.

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