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Despite three straight playoff appearances and having plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the 2014 season, Cincinnati Bengals fans aren’t very confident.

Recently a digital marketing agency known as Prime Visibility ranked all 32 NFL teams based on a metric that evaluated how fans are feeling about their teams via social media mentions. Here is how they calculated fan confidence, according to Yahoo Sports:



So a 77 percent sentiment rating means that fans think their team will have an 8-8 record this season.

How do Bengals fans feel? The Prime Visibility ranking said that 78 percent of Bengals fans are confident, which means they think at best Cincinnati will have a .500 record this season. That puts them in the middle of the pack at number 15 overall. Sounds a little low to me, but at this point it seems like nothing but a playoff win will satisfy.

Hey, it could be worse – Dallas Cowboys fans were ranked the least confident in the NFL at just 59 percent.

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