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Boy oh boy, where do I begin?

The Colts had the fewest draft picks in the 2014 draft and left Radio City Music Hall with arguably the least memorable draft class for a team in 2014.

Some areas of need were addressed but the biggest and arguably most important especially in today’s NFL wasn’t.¬†That position would be the defensive secondary.

The Colts did absolutely nothing to address their thin corner back depth and glaring issues at safety. Instead, they decided to use two of their five picks on the offensive line. They would eventually come to agreements one safety and four corners that went undrafted. History shows that sometimes, the undrafted end up being pro bowlers, but more often than not, they are never heard of.

Regarding Jack Mewhort, the fact he can play arguably any position on the offensive line is fantastic and will provide great depth for the Colts in case injuries happen to an offensive lineman like there has been in the last couple seasons.

However, a second round pick that would be might remain nothing more than a depth player is foolish to pick with your team’s first selection in the draft. Offensive line was a need but not a glaring one as there were many quality secondary choices left such as: Marcus Martin, Terrence Brooks, and Aaron Colvin.

As for their other defensive pick  Andrew Jackson, the Colts are already bolstered at the linebacker position and adding another depth guy does not help the cause. There were still some quality players left on day three that could have helped address the secondary issue.

The NFL has a passing league and loading up on secondary to stop the pass is vital to success. Just look at the San Francisco 49ers’ and Seattle Seahawks’ defenses, they are geared toward stopping the pass. If Delano Howell is the answer, then that would be fantastic for the Colts, as he played solid last year in several games including the game against the 49ers. However, the depth is still very thin in the secondary and the Colts are one injury away from the 2010 season of the defense once again.

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