What a day for the Carolina Panthers. They played some of their best football on Thanksgiving day. I think that them playing on the National stage helped them tremendously.

The Carolina Panthers came into Dallas today to prove that their being undefeated is not a fluke. As I stated a couple days ago. The Panthers defense would be a very big part of the game.

Good afternoon football fans. Thanksgiving Day and here is my prediction for the 10-0 Carolina Panthers at the 3-7 Dallas Cowboys.

The Carolina Panthers will be spending Thanksgiving day in Dallas playing against the Cowboys. There is big hype about the impact the return of Tony Romo and how he is the game changer.

There is a lot being made of this game for the simple reason that the Cowboys have their quarterback Tony Romo healthy. He came back last week and helped to to break a 7 game losing streak.

Go on Google and search “Why are the Carolina Panthers undefeated?” and you’ll see the first few articles that show up saying things like Carolina has tough match up with the Cowboys this week and are only favored to win by 1 point, or discussing the surprising season from the team in Charlotte.

With a record of 10-0 everyone is trying to beat the Panthers, but no one has had any luck in doing so.

The Panthers are coming into this contest undefeated at 9-0 and knocking down everything in their path. Right now they are the strongest team in the NFC.

When the Panthers drafted Muhsin Muhammad in the second round of the 1996 NFL Draft the 43rd pick overall, I truly do not believe they realized the production that they would get out the wide receiver from Michigan State University

This was an interesting week against the Tennessee Titans. The Panthers truly turned it up a notch. They came in all business and left the same way, and still undefeated.

At the press conference after the Panthers’ victory over Tennessee on Sunday, Carolina’s quarterback Cameron Newton was asked about his impressive start to the game, including breaking his personal record of completing 11 straight completions in a row.

What a great day for the Carolina Panthers. Everything and everyone working on all cylinders. The Panthers took it to Mariota and company. It was not a good day for the Titans at all, from Cam's touchdown dance to the score when the clock clicked double zero.

The Carolina Panthers have to take a road trip to play the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are not a very good team at 2 and 6.

The Carolina Panthers played against a legitimate contender in the Green Bay Packers. This team was a big test of their ability.