Congratulations it's Friday and there are only three days left until Superbowl 50. I hope you enjoy these pictures of fine females holding the...

NCAA legend Jalen Rose knows a thing or two about controversial athletes. He sees a lot of the Fab Five in Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Super Bowl 50 is the perfect venue for Thomas Davis' hard work to culminate. He has been through so much adversity during his 11 year career

The media has landed all over the the San Francisco area and especially around Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

This year the media misses the mark in what they have chosen to make news worthy.

A few days before the Carolina Panthers played their first regular season game on September 13th of 2015, ESPN released a long list on...

The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos are playing in the fiftieth Super Bowl.

So, the thing is we have all the positive things going on in this young man's life, then why is there so much negative around him that was not brought about by him or his peers?

We all looked at the NFC Championship game on Sunday Arizona Cardinals against the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers did as they have been all season long, they played for each other as a team and the biggest thing they did was had fun.

The Carolina offensive line is the start of all that makes the Panthers so successful.

Since week three or four there has been talk about who would be the MVP? Would it be Tom Brady again? Would it be Peyton Manning? Would it be Cam Newton?

Now, after Bank of America was just at full capacity with over 74,000 fans in attendance, the Panthers will look to face the Cardinals.

One a young veteran Heisman trophy winner in Cam Newton and the other an older Heisman trophy winner in Carson Palmer. The stage is set.