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As we all know, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has shown a lot of love during his time in St. Louis to the players he coached while in the same position with the Tennessee Titans.

This love was again brought to the forefront with the team’s most recent free agent signing, wide receiver Kenny Britt. Britt represents another addition to the list of Titans-turned-Rams in the Fisher era that include tight end Jared Cook, defensive end William Hayes, and recently released cornerback Cortland Finnegan. While Fisher’s Titan loyalty has been a major factor in the Rams’ approach to free agency in the last two years, there is a definite chance that it spills over into the upcoming NFL Draft. Personally, I don’t think this is being taken into enough consideration. For my first mock draft of 2014, that loyalty plays a MAJOR factor, and things get pretty interesting as a result. Let’s get started:

Round 1, Pick 2 – offensive tackle Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

All the pre-draft hype surrounding who the Rams will take has finally ended. The Texans take defensive end Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick and the Rams beef up their offensive line with a player they feel very comfortable selecting in Matthews. A smart pick, if wholly unsexy. Matthews is also the son of Hall-of-Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, who played for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans his entire 19-year career, the last eight of which came with Fisher as his head coach.

Round 1, Pick 13 – defensive end Julius Campbell, “Remember the Titans”

The Rams missed out on Clowney but can’t help but snag the T.C. Williams star when he falls to them at 13th overall. Campbell is a true character guy, as his willingness to push through racial adversity for the betterment of his team was one of the main reasons for its success in 1971. I think in real life he’s probably in his early 60s, but remember that “Left side, strong side” thing? So cool!

Round 2, Pick 44 – five eighth Aidan Sezer, Gold Coast Titans

Fisher and general manager Les Snead surprise everyone and leave the sport altogether to select Sezer out of Australia’s National Rugby League. Sezer has good size at 180 centimeters and 94 kilos (?), and projects as…I don’t know. Put him at safety? Either way, Fisher and Snead have shown that they value versatility, and Sezer not only leads his team in points this season with 25, he’s also kicked a field goal.

Round 3, Pick 75 – Kronos, actual Greek Titan

Daaaaaaaaamn. Snisher surprise everyone here (except me, of course) by selecting Kronos, the son of Uranus and Gaia and leader of the first generation of Titans in Greece. Kronos shows good leadership ability, as he took charge of overthrowing his father and ruling during the mythological Golden Age. However, he’s had some off-field issues in the past, namely the handful of times he ate his kids, but here’s hoping that’s all behind him.

Round 4, Pick 110 – Titan, American Gladiator

The Rams go for another character guy in the former captain of the re-made American Gladiators. He’s been out of the mainstream since the show’s 2008 revival, but Fisher loves his Titans and this guy is named Titan. A no-brainer in the fourth round.

Round 5, Pick 153 – goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, “Der Titan”

In mimicking the league trend of turning basketball players into tight ends, the Rams go with a hybrid-type project player whose background is in another sport. Kahn is a legend of the weirdo international kind of football, and manned the pipes for the FC Bayern Munich and the German national team from 1994-2006. In the American version of football, though he projects as…I don’t know. Put him at safety?

Round 6, Pick 188 – Titan, Moon of Saturn

The Rams get the absolute gem of the sixth-round, a moon with a diameter 50 percent larger than the Earth’s and the only other place in the solar system that features stable bodies of liquid. What Titan lacks in game experience, it makes up for in being a potentially habitable place for the team to re-locate to should team owner Stan Kroenke change his mind about Los Angeles.

Round 7 and additional compensatory picks

I haven’t done nearly enough scouting to be able to project who the team might be targeting this late in the draft, but I expect this cave in Great Britain to be in play as well as that guy from the movie “Titan A.E.”.

Only 23 short days left until we find out just how right I am.

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