Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Matt Schaub is set to be the starter in Baltimore's next game, but the fans have someone else in mind.

Here's five players who's injuries have left the Baltimore Ravens in the most trouble.

At this time last season, Baltimore Ravens management was focused on a potential playoff run and another shot at the Lombardi. However, today, their forced to focus on bettering their chances for next season as the postseason is no longer part of their current vocabulary.

Former Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed put an imprint on Baltimore's defense, one that will live forever, and here's how he did it.

With Steve Smith Sr. out of the mix, this is the time for the young receivers to show their skills, unless your name is Marlon Brown of course.

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Outside of Joe Flacco's turnover rate this season, his numbers have been pretty solid, but now that Steve Smith Sr. is out for the season, those numbers could see a major decline in the games to come, and here's why.

After the Baltimore Ravens finally began writing a new story for themselves, they might have just lost momentum.

The San Diego Chargers had the same ol' game plan when they visited the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday which culminated in a 29-26 loss...

I don't know what else to say anymore. The San Diego Chargers just keep finding more and more ways to blow games. Give them five...

It's that time again where we highlight some sad fans and players from the opposing team. This week, Baltimore! We've also included a Bruce Arians gem, because, why not.