ray rice

Bisciotti's prayers that his young players will be steered in the right direction by Ray Rice's mistakes could very well be answered.
baltimore ravens

The NFL handed down the penalty deducting the Baltimore Ravens of one week of OTAs and a fine for both the team and head coach John Harbaugh.

"How can a league so casual about the use of addictive opioids take such a hard line on a drug that might provide a safer alternative?" Monroe wrote.
Instant Replay

In what must be considered a small victory for the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL has instituted a new instant replay condition.
Keenan Reynolds

So far, Baltimore Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh has liked what he has seen from the young Keenan Reynolds.

The Baltimore Ravens have apparently dropped their petition for the overhaul of the NFL's replay system.
offensive line

If the moves made this offseason say anything, it would be that the offensive line needs to do one thing: Protect Joe Flacco.

"It will allow us to get it right," Harbaugh said. "There were five games last year that were determined by non-reviewable calls."
collective bargaining agreement

The Baltimore Ravens are reportedly involved in an investigation regarding a violation of the collective bargaining agreement with the NFL.
extended replay

The flow of football is not exactly speedy as it stands right now but adding extended replay to make sure all the calls are accurate would help everyone.
Ronnie Stanley

Ronnie Stanley, the left tackle out of Notre Dame, officially signed with the Baltimore Ravens on Friday.
Steve Smith

Steve Smith Sr. - "I'm going to put up the numbers I'm going to put up, and I'll contribute the way I contribute at 37.”
ronnie stanley

"He should be the long-time left tackle for the Ravens, who make a habit of finding long-term fits at that spot." -Lance Zierlein
Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis and ESPN should have known that they were hiring the man, not just his name.