Ronnie Stanley

Critics were quick to jump in and analyze the Ravens' first pick. Here are what some of the critics are saying of the young Ronnie Stanley.
Ravens' draft

Ozzie Newsome is a brilliant GM and he and the Ravens' organization added a number of key players to their roster with the Ravens' draft.
Bronson Kaufusi

Coming out of Brigham Young University, Bronson Kaufusi is a defensive end with a lot of potential and a fantastic skill set.
Kamalei Correa

Under the leadership of a veteran linebacker squad, expect Correa to learn hard and fast what it takes to be in the NFL.Kamale
Ronnie Stanley

Ronnie Stanley has high expectations as the sixth pick in the NFL Draft. Will he become the next Jonathan Ogden? One thing is for sure, he has the talent.
Joey Bosa in Ravens' sight with sixth pick.

With Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil and a third ace pass rusher, nobody is going to want to be blocking the Ravens' flock anytime soon.

Three year old toddler Jamie Hill loves the Ravens and showed off his knowledge of the Ravens' roster by being quizzed on ten different players' numbers.
Trent Richardson slims down for upcoming season

"Trust me when I tell you he is war ready, he is in the best shape of his life and a mindset of a King focused on the next territory to conquer!”
Ravens' Weekly: Pre-draft buildup

With the draft within reaching distance, cover32 Ravens looked back at some of the Baltimore Ravens all-time great draft steals.
C.J. Mosley becoming outspoken leader.

Newsome said in his first phone call with Mosley after drafting him. “I’ve seen you four times and you’re just so down to earth, so quiet.”
Ravens' Nation boos Donald Trump after Brady comment

Trump's never been one to hold his tongue regarding his opinions but he has to learn, when you mess with Ravens' fans, you are in for a flock of trouble.
Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis: First round steals

To say that it was two of the best first round picks by a team would not be an understatement.
'Big Improvements' for Ravens' Joe Flacco

"I can do everything, pretty much," Flacco said. "It's just a matter of how well I can do it and do I have a little limp here and there."
Trent Richardson officially a Raven.

Trent Richardson has been rumored to be a running back on the Baltimore Ravens this year but just today was it made official.